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Amazon is officially on a quest to redefine online shopping. The company has seemingly attempted everything, from a foray into meal delivery services to a recent concept that sees packages delivered inside your home, leaving us to wonder if there’s anything the retail giant really hasn’t tried. And Amazon sure isn’t showing signs of slowing down: According to Elle Decor, you can now order fresh, live plants from the site’s brand-new plant store to your doorstep in a matter of days.

While customers could previously buy plants on Amazon’s site through a selection of individual vendors, the new plant shop completely streamlines the experience. With the new format, users can narrow down their search and shop based off a long list of categories such as brand, plant type, and even hardiness. Succulents, shrubs, annuals, and perennials are all listed in abundance, providing options for both those who can barely be trusted with a fake plant and expert gardeners alike.

In addition to the impressive curation of plants, Amazon is also selling the tools and garden accessories needed to keep them alive. In these chilly months, investing in some frost protectant cloth may just help save your outdoor blooms.

The best part? A large portion of the greenery offered on the site is eligible for Amazon Prime. Meaning that whether you’re looking to round out your outdoor flower bed, spruce up your windowsill, or add to a last-minute holiday centerpiece, Prime’s two-day delivery has you covered.

Amazon will be joining existing plant delivery services like The Sill, ProPlants, and NYC-based My City Plants, which all offer the convenience of online ordering and doorstep delivery.

And although most people think of plants as staples of the spring and summer months, our friends at The Sill refer to winter as ‘houseplant season’, and believe that it’s just as important to show your plants some love this time of year by keeping them in a controlled, stable environment—no chilly open windows or hot heaters nearby!

Erin Marino, director of brand marketing over at The Sill, says that while you may not see tons of new growth in your plants during the winter (it’s typically a period of dormancy) it’s still important to tend to them—just not as much as you might in the spring and summer months.    “Cut back a little on the watering—unless your heater is blaring and consequently drying out your plants’ potting mix quicker than usual—and try your best not to over-care for your plants,” says Marino. “During this time, they generally don’t need as much TLC as they might need during the spring and summer, so just make sure to keep that in mind. Feel free to talk to them all you want though!”

Despite the dropping temperatures in our forecast for the upcoming months, plant ordering options like the new Amazon shop are an easy way to brighten up your space.

This is the time to bring the outdoors in, when you’ll be stuck inside too, and reap the benefits!” says Marino “Did you know studies show houseplants (and office plants) can help combat Seasonal Affective Disorder?”

We’ll be placing our order soon.

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