Unexpected Ways to Display Your Plants

The clever ways you never thought to show off your plants.

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We already know that plants have the power to totally transform a space for the better, but if you’re searching for clever new ways to display your favorite leaves, these are the chic approaches to try. If you’ve run out of surface area and floor space to showcase your collection, it’s time to start utilizing different heights to their full potential. From sprucing up spots on top of tall furniture and cabinets to DIY projects that create the coolest of living walls, this roundup of design-forward setups will inspire you to take your plant game to the next level, too.

Wall Grid Planter

There’s no doubt that a completely empty wall can be a challenge to decorate. With the help of some plants, any blank canvas can get a major makeover. Skip gallery walls and textile hangings and consider designating a certain area to display a variety of lush greens instead. This wall grid DIY from Lana Red Studio allows anyone to show off their plants in a playful, unique way.

Room Divider Living Wall

From studio living to chic Parisian upgrades, room dividers add charming qualities to any sized interior. With their already stylish design, we didn’t know these must-haves could become even more swoon-worthy—that is until we saw this setup from The Jungalow. Set in a variety of your favorites, from air plants to potted cacti, to create a no-fuss living wall in any nook of your home.

Window Shelving

Since most plants thrive off of natural sunlight, take advantage of the full length of available windows and house a collection of small-scale options right there. Gain some inspiration from this envy-inducing bedroom seen on Joanna Gaines’ blog, At Home. Simply install an understated wood shelf right across the top of a window or two and you’re all set. Arrange plants at one side or do a complete shelf takeover for a total greenhouse vibe.

Curtain Rods

If plants are given the proper care they require, they’re eventually going to grow more and more. Can’t figure out what to do with those that have outgrown their spots on that console? Give them the space they need by situating them nearby to a curtain rod so they can span out as much as possible, while simultaneously adding stylish additions to your interior. This dreamy bathroom from Emily Netz teaches the best way to let those options start to intertwine with window treatments for a boho look that will definitely delight.

Planter Wall

Give any lackluster nook a much needed refresh by introducing a new collection of

trendy plants

. With the help of a few terracotta planters and statement greens, transform any seating area into a next-level setup that’s high on style. Follow these easy steps from The Merrythought to put together a vibrant wall that won’t disappoint. Keep all of them the same or switch each up to create a vignette that is Instagram ready at all times.

Tops of Tall Furniture

Don’t forget about those perfectly good surface areas that often times are simply forgotten about. While consoles, coffee tables, and nightstands get tons of love when it comes to plants, the tops of tall furniture and cabinets commonly get left out. Whether it’s built-in shelving units, kitchen cabinets, or hutches with height, oversized greens added to the tops will bring a must-have pop of color to every corner. Don’t know how to pull this off? This cabinet from Almost Makes Perfect gets a flawless upgrade that can easily be mimicked in anybody’s own interior, too.

Hang Them High

Hanging planters aren’t only reserved for porches, backyards, and kitchen herbs. Shake things up by hanging one or two in other areas of the home as well. Sarah Sherman Samuel shows the best way to turn any office into an inspiring workspace by incorporating a few plants, including a ceiling option. Swap different choices in and out as you please with the help of a simple rod or sturdy hook. This clever addition will bring just the right amount of bright color to any space that is feeling a bit too drab.

Wood and Leather Trellis Planter

A classic trellis isn’t only for the outdoors, and this DIY from Vintage Revivals proves just that. The combination of wood and leather makes for a custom setup that’ll create a cool focal point on any wall it’s displayed on. Oversized ferns, small succulents, and everything in between become the center of attention when housed on such an understated vertical wall planter. Simple, classic, and a project we can do ourselves? Yes, please.

Unexpected Ledges

Using radiators and window sills to display tiny plants is a great option, but once the heat starts to turn back on, you run the risk of drying out those small-scale cuties too quickly. Take advantage of other ledges around the house and give them an equally as satisfying sprucing. For starters, give exposed air conditioners or awkward architectural niches a lively update by introducing a couple of plants to their tops. It’s no surprise that The Jungalow had this approach covered, and we can’t wait to add those jungalow vibes into our own interiors ASAP.

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