Published on March 16, 2021

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Courtesy of H&M

Truth: Terracotta—the color and the material—is everywhere these days. Thanks to earthy designers like Sarah Sherman Samuel and the couple behind Posada by the Joshua Tree House, the desert-y shade has appeared in furniture, bedding, and even bathrooms. And we’re certainly not mad at it.

That’s because terracotta, the actual clay material, is a total must-have for design-minded plant parents, too. First of all, it’s porous, so it allows water and air to flow through it. You can also use it indoors and out. And the look, while it happens to be timely, is also totally timeless.

But sometimes the terracotta planters you find at your local nursery, though utilitarian, can be a little plain. Here, we’ve rounded up the most stylish versions for sprucing up your home and yard.

Grow Your Own Way

The curved shape is pretty, and the fact that this porcelain planter comes in two sizes, each with a saucer that catches water, is extremely practical. 

Rainbow Connection

Subtle arches are a cool way to make a run-of-the-mill pot feel special.

Blooming on a Budget

At just $6 a pop, you can fill your WFH area with enough greenery to make your coworkers think you’re taking Zoom calls from a tropical oasis. 

Perfectly Imperfect

The wabi-sabi vibe of this fluted planter goes great with a bright succulent, which will lend a cool contrast to its weathered feel.

Hang Time

Not all greenery belongs on the ground. This hanging container from Brooklyn ceramist Virginia Sin can float in any window, and its cutouts allow for strings of succulents to cascade down.

Variety Show

Playing with height makes an arrangement of vessels look interesting, even when they’re all made out of the same clay-colored material.

Bowled Over

This sophisticated pot looks so much more expensive than it is, and a grouping of succulents would only help add to its luxe feel.

So Edgy

A scalloped design gives this handcrafted Italian planter a touch of charm; the patina keeps it from being too precious.

Stand and Deliver

Give a shallow bowl a boost with a cane stand that looks just as chic tucked into a corner of your apartment as it would greeting guests on your front porch.

Personal Preference

Another amazing aspect of terracotta? You can easily paint it any shade you like. Or if you’re not the crafty type, this geometric design is already done for you.

Terracotta, But Make It Fashion

Shaped like an upside-down hat, this wide-rimmed planter makes a quirky-cool style statement.

Up, Up, and Away

Here’s an idea with legs: Each of these three stilts has a drainage hole at the bottom to keep roots from rotting.

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