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Plant stylist and author Hilton Carter has duped us again. For his second collaboration with Target, Carter unsurprisingly gave us a stylish selection of planters, but it’s his collection of real-looking faux plants that had us zooming in for a closer look once more.

Carter’s 30-item line, which launched this week, is filled with pretty (and pretty convincing) fake foliage that gives black thumbs a chance to appreciate the lush life without the stress of plant parenting. From a small hanging string-of-pearls for those out of floor space to an impressive 5-foot-tall bird of paradise that’ll fill awkward empty corners, the lineup includes a range of sizes to suit any space, starting at $12. We quickly spotted the polka dot begonia—a highly sought-after and often finicky species in its living form, of which Domino’s Kate Berry is a big fan. Carter says, “It’s what I would call a ‘designer plant,’” adding that the signature spotted top and burgundy underside are what make it such an impactful addition to any space. It’s the attention to detail when it comes to the foliage’s standout shape and patterns that make this artificial version feel so authentic, he adds: “While it isn’t a spot-on replica, it does feel close.” 

Prefer the real deal? Don’t worry, Carter thought of you, too. A variety of textured terracotta vessels are perfect for greenery that prefers dryer soil, and he recommends styling these with upright species. “A cat palm explodes out, giving you that more tropical look, and doesn’t hide the beauty of the planter itself,” he says. The self-watering concrete options are great for containing heat for warm-weather lovers like orchids, while the glazed ceramic pieces, starting at $10, retain plenty of moisture for thirsty types like ferns. Lazy gardeners, listen up: Every style is sized to fit standard nursery pots, which means no messy replanting—a relief for plant parents at any stage. 

Here are four more of our favorites from the collection.