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There’s a New Way to Save Your Dying Plant

Phone a friend.

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You’ve done everything you could think of: You’ve watered your plant, let it dry out, moved it from the shade into a sunny spot, and even gone through the trouble of repotting it. But still, it’s turning yellow and brown, losing leaves, and drooping without warning. Before, you might have thought all hope was lost. Now, you have a new option—just call for help.

The Sill recently launched Virtual Plant Appointments: basically, a pay-per-call hotline that connects you with an expert who can diagnose and prescribe treatment for your ailing plant, identify that interesting greenery that your friend gifted you, or just help you figure out what species can survive in your bedroom that barely gets any natural light.

The process is pretty straightforward. First, you buy a time slot for either 15 or 30 minutes ($29 and $39 respectively); a 15-minute slot will cover your questions about three to five plants, while 30 minutes is enough time to discuss as many as 10. Then, you schedule a video conference call through Zoom, chat with a plant care specialist, and afterward, receive handy written-out care suggestions.

The Sill told us about one couple who received an analysis and found out that, in their move from New York to LA, their plants got sunburnt, just like a person would. The pro advised them to trim off dead leaves and keep them out of direct sunlight to give them a fresh start. Done and done. The key to keeping your plants alive is just a video chat away.

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