Your Plants Are Singing—Are You Listening?

With this new device, it’s possible.

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For many people—including our own executive creative director—the ritual of watering plants is a task best accompanied by a gentle stream of encouragement. “You’re doing amazing,” you might say to a flourishing pothos. “There, there,” you might comfort a drooping pilea. It’s totally normal to speak to plants, and now there’s finally a way to hear them talk back to you. Well, sort of.

PlantWave, currently available on Kickstarter for $220, is a device that detects electrical variations in plants, then turns those variations into pitches. Essentially, it translates the changes it discovers over time into what could be loosely defined as music. All you have to do is attach two electrodes to the plant’s leaves, plug them into the PlantWave, and sit back in awe as you listen to the symphony that your very own plant is composing. It sounds ethereal—like a forest tune you might hear in The Legend of Zelda or an ambient playlist you’d put on to help you get into meditation. Plant music isn’t available on Spotify (yet)—but you can get it on a CD for just $40, if you don’t want to shell out just to hear what your beloved rubber tree has to say.

If you really want to step up your game as a plant parent, this device could help you feel more in touch with your leafy green children. Nothing’s stopping your philodendron from becoming the next SoundCloud superstar.

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