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It’s only natural that you’d want to bring the outdoors in when you’re spending more time than ever before at home. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that houseplant sales are spiking—but one kind, in particular, is earning a resurgence in popularity: fake ones.

The Sill reported to The New York Times that it has seen an increase in sales of both real and faux plants, with many customers buying a mix of both. Real foliage comes with a bevy of health benefits (from air purification to stress relief), and while artificial alternatives might not share their full effect, they can still help an interior feel a little more lived-in. After all, accidentally killing your fiddle-leaf fig tree is not an extra thing you should have to worry about right now.

Sure, faux plants might not be for everyone (especially if you consider your green thumb one of your greatest achievements), but these options make it easy for anyone to make their own indoor jungle.

The Spiky Standard

Aloe is a good entry-level plant, but if you’re still not sure you can restrain yourself from overwatering it, a fake option looks just as cool.

The Bubbly Accent

A string-of-pearls succulent is perfectly of the moment. Go for the faux if you don’t have the patience to help it grow nice and long.

The Cheerful Circles

A perfect accent for a shelf (or your at-home workstation), the pilea is joy inducing, real or not. The nonliving option won’t get sunburned or dry out, but the real one might if it doesn’t get just the right amount of indirect light and water.

The Bold Bohemian

With a large plant comes an extra sense of responsibility—which is why it’s good to have options when you’re considering a full-sun-loving yucca.

The Patterned One

A calathea’s multitone leaves are a pretty sight—but this plant prefers a good amount of humidity, so if your home is on the dry side, an artificial one might be your best bet.

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