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Ever been so excited to get a package, you tracked it the entire time… all the way until it made its way to your door? Well, Amazon is taking that a step further—by introducing a new concept called Amazon Key. It’s a new program for Prime members that actually allows delivery people to drop the packages off inside customers’ homes. So, the package won’t just be at your door; it’ll be inside of it—and you won’t have to worry about your neighbor “accidentally” taking it, either.

And how will the company make this all possible? Through the Amazon Cloud Cam—an internet-connected security camera system. With the Cloud Cam and “smart” lock system bundle, customers can allow Amazon’s delivery personnel into their homes, and watch the delivery take place live on their phones.

With the swipe of a finger, the courier is able to unlock your door, deliver the package, and then re-lock it with another swipe—all while being recorded by the newly-created, Amazon-approved camera. You can either watch the transaction happen live, or receive a clip of the delivery with the notification that your package has been dropped off.

And yes, even though it sounds a little creepy, Amazon has made sure safety is a top priority. The company has a system in place that’ll vet and track all the delivery people who could potentially enter your home. As of right now, only Amazon’s own delivery people will be able to use the service, and no third-party deliveries will be made. Once the delivery people arrive, Amazon will verify they are at the right address at the right time, and that all the details of the delivery are correct before they grant the camera permission to start recording, or prompt the courier to swipe their screen to unlock your door.

This comes as a new idea in the race to have the fastest and most seamless delivery among online retailers—but it will be interesting to see how many Prime customers take advantage of the service. So, if you’re not too alarmed by the idea of your house being unlocked by Amazon, this in-home delivery option goes live on November 8 in 37 US cities, as well as some surrounding areas.

Source: Recode

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