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Plants trends are as fickle (and fun) as those in the decor world. The two often work in tandem: when all-white, pared-back interiors peppered our feed, so too did the Instagrammable fiddle-leaf fig, with its sculptural dark green leaves. When rattan chairs came back in style, the tropical bird-of-paradise quickly followed.  

So what’s next? We tapped Pinterest to find out which plants have risen in popularity over the last 12 months. With some new faces and a few fresh variations of old favorites, here are the top indoor plants of the year and exactly how we’d style them.

Angel Vine

Searches for “vine plants” saw a 637% spike on Pinterest, overtaking the usual suspects (we’re looking at you, fiddle-leaf fig). Take a step beyond classic choices like English Ivy and opt for an Angel Vine; the delicate foliage pairs well with a contrasting cement wall planter.

Pencil Cactus

Being low-maintenance and creating a high visual impact, it’s no wonder that “cactus plants” have almost tripled in searches this year. If you’re looking for something intricate and unexpected, try the striking pencil cactus and look to Jonny Ribeiro’s apartment for styling inspiration. Keep the linear theme going with this ribbed concrete planter—the rounded shape will ground the chaotic branches. 

“Marble Queen” Pothos

Another hard-to-kill classic, the pothos continues to grow in our hearts and on our shelves. Sidestep the common all-green version for this lesser-known marbled variety. While you’re at it, channel your inner maximalist and pair the two-tone leaves with a boldly striped ceramic planter.

“Black Coral” Snake Plant

We’ve been fans of the ultra-resilient snake plant for a minute, and given the 300% increase in searches, this hardy plant’s popularity shows no signs of waning. While you’re likely familiar with the common, golden-edged leaf variation of Sansevieria, we’d recommend going for the moodier “black coral” varietal. Accentuate its sharp silhouette with a raised planter, like this subtle terrazzo number.

Desert Terrarium

Yes, terrariums are back. Grab one (or many) of these orb-shaped “observatory” containers, layer stones, sand, and soil, and then mix and match your favorite succulents and cacti from this set of 12.

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