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For a proud plant parent, there are few things worse than returning home from a much-needed vacation only to discover that your beloved rubber plant has perished. Thankfully, if you’re in London, that scenario can stay the stuff of nightmares: Patch, a U.K.-based online plant store, has opened the world’s first plant hotel, allowing travelers to leave their monsteras and more in qualified green hands.

The Patch Plant Hotel, a pop-up located in the city’s Battersea neighborhood, currently has reservations open until September 5, House Beautiful UK reports. The hotel can house 100 plants at a time and ensures they get their proper amount of water, light, and fertilizer—it’s basically a dog kennel, but for your most precious pothos. And the best thing of all? It’s totally free.

With its Grand Budapest Hotel–inspired branding and genuinely brilliant concept, we’re dreaming of a world with a Patch Plant Hotel in every major city. But until that happens, we’ll continue to make an effort to keep our plants strong and flourishing even when we’re on the go. Need an extra hand? Invest in a self-watering planter or stick a few watering globes in your planters—check out our favorites, below. It just got easier being green.


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