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In food and the world surrounding it, one thing is clear: Padma Lakshmi has excellent taste. So when we found out the chef and Emmy-nominated TV host was collaborating with Etsy to curate a list of her favorite items from the site, we knew it would be good. 

And among Lakshmi’s outdoor entertaining picks, from an olive oil pitcher to tie-dyed napkins, one stands out the most: a sculptural self-watering planter. The bowl-like vase sits on a reservoir that collects excess water, and then, when the plant is dry, a cord absorbs that water back into the soil. It’s ideal for black thumbs, new plant parents, and when you’re going on vacation for a while and won’t be around to tend to your greenery.

So what does she grow? “Basil, mint, rosemary, and thyme grow in my garden like wildfire,” Lakshmi tells Etsy. “I’m also nurturing two curry plants at the moment—my dad grows them in California and sends them over.”

And unlike many plastic self-watering planters, this one is made from aluminum and is actually chic, meaning you won’t mind putting it on display, inside or out. On top of a dresser, it looks like a mini sculpture. The seller even makes a hanging version for windows and, well, wherever you want to add a dose of Lakshmi-like chill.