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The World’s First Pollution-Reducing Paint Is Here

A new reason to breathe easy.
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Even if you’ve packed your house with plants and have an air purifier running 24-7, your home can still be affected by one annoying problem: indoor pollution. Everything from your rugs and curtains to cleaning supplies and cookware can be the cause. But now there’s a new solution. Smog Armor, the first-ever pollution-reducing paint, is fully funded on Kickstarter (and there’s still time to get your hands on it, too).

Basically, the paint is infused with a negatively charged natural mineral that can attract and neutralize potentially harmful pollutants, such as formaldehyde, benzene, and acetone. In two tests conducted by an outside lab, the formula was shown to reduce almost 100 percent of these materials—95.1 percent to be exact (for comparison, a HEPA air purifier can capture 99.97 percent of VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, in a room). When you consider the health risks of indoor pollution—respiratory issues, certain cancers—applying a fresh coat of paint hardly seems like an inconvenience.

For now, Smog Armor’s paint comes in one color (white, with a matte finish), and gallons are available at an early-bird price of $29, with a February 2020 ship date. Breathing easy is about to get easier.

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