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We’ll take just about any advice we can get when it comes to keeping our plants in tip-top shape. So when we spotted a Reddit thread with 1,000-plus upvotes that suggested bringing your plants into the bathroom when you shower to keep them hydrated, we were intrigued, to say the least. It almost seemed too easy.

Reddit user HamAndPlants shared the tip last week, posting a photo of a pothos and a calathea after they had enjoyed a good steam. They appeared to be the picture of health, but were they really?

We did some investigating. Apparently, the experts agree that this is an easy way to give your plants a good dose of H20. You just have to be careful which plants you bring in with you. “High-humidity plants—like ferns, calatheas, and tillandsia—will thrive in the steam of a hot shower and benefit from the general humidity that lingers in bathrooms,” says Gabby Santiago, plant-care specialist at Rooted. Monsteras, palms, and philodendrons are also great candidates. Desert plants, on the other hand, are a no-go. “Cacti or succulents should never stay moist or soggy, and being in a bathroom puts them at high risk for disease and rot.”


Lesson learned: If your pothos is looking a little dry or your monstera has seen better days, just tote them to the bathroom and take a nice warm shower. You’ll both emerge looking and feeling totally refreshed.

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