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LOOM, Los Angeles’ first pregnancy, parenting, and wellness center, officially opened its doors on October 3, 2017. Situated in the heart of Mid-City LA, the highly-anticipated hub is not only filling a major void in the market for women, expecting mothers, partners, and families by hosting authentic conversations about fertility, parenting and loss, but the zero-judgment center is also teaching us all a lesson in how design can influence our well-being.

“We’re focused on being a place for anyone that’s seeking education about the reproductive experience or looking for community and resources to support through pregnancy or the parenting journey,” co-founder Erica Chidi Cohen tells Domino. The space’s thoughtfully curated interiors reflect Cohen and fellow Co-founder Quinn Lundberg’s demystifying mission. Dreamy pops of pastels, soothing wood accents, and an abundance of light and greenery make for an organic, airy wellness haven.

Inspired by Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto, LOOM’s design team, Wall For Apricots, wanted to focus on modernism, with a human touch. “They [Wall For Apricots] were inspired by his design of Finnish sanatoriums that had curved walls, glass, light wood and tons of natural light,” Cohen explains, “we all loved the idea that a physical space could promote healing in the human body.”

As for LOOM’s delightful pastel-inspired color palette? That was a careful choice. “We wanted the space to have an androgynous feel,” says Cohen. But the co-founders also wanted to craft a place that was warm, inclusive, and inviting—cue the Cedar Rose, Cerulean, Buckskin, and Lavender.

The result? A flexible, free-flowing space that champions a Scandi aesthetic with a SoCal cool twist. Just take a look at the lobby. Anchored by artful furnishings and clean lines, the modernist design scheme is instantly relaxing.

Light floods into the main studio space (dubbed “The bell Studio,” after famed author and feminist bell hooks) where an assortment of lavender chairs face the window. Here, LOOM will host anything from group childbirth classes to community events for families.

Millennial pink takes on new meaning in the “Ruth Room”: a spot for individual coaching sessions, acupuncture, and chiropractic services. Named after Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the colorful room opposes the rest of the building where white dominates the walls. Here, playful geometric patterns complement the charming pink perspective.

While we know that incorporating a plethora of fresh plants can have a huge impact on the look of a home or work space, there are also plenty of non-design benefits of living with plants. For LOOM, it was crucial to include a range of potted plants and flowers for both design and health purposes.

“Both myself and Quinn and our designers have a lot of plants in our home and we felt it would be wonderful to have plants in the space,” says Cohen, “not only for aesthetic reasons, but to help promote clean air inside the space.”

If you’re currently expecting or parenting children under 24 months of age—and live in the LA area—you can become a member today. In celebration of their recent opening, LOOM is offering a special annual rate of $95.

Learn more about their pathways, classes, and services here.

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