Published on August 26, 2016

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Photography by @NEUEBLVD




Keeping a beautiful bouquet of florals atop your desk will provide a pop of color to an otherwise neutral space and a sweet aroma pleasant enough to inspire some real productivity.

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Photography by @TOBIASSIKSTROM




We love the addition of dusty rose and subdued teal hues to this whitewashed office nook.

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Photography by @OUTWITHAUDREY




Don’t clutter your desk space with objects you think you need. Instead, fill it with trinkets you’ll actually use. This phone stand, tray, and leather bound candle and vase are perfect examples.

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Photography by @JULIE_EYE_SEE




If you’re lucky enough to have an entire room for your home office, take note of this inspired space. The squared off book shelf paired with tear outs taped to the wall, the healthy number of plants, and natural textured furniture and decor makes for a relaxed and functional room.

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We don’t know about you, but we love taped inspiration in an office setting. Being able to switch out images that are inspiring you at that exact moment is key to cultivating a creative space. This desk does this especially well.

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Photography by @_HARLOWEJAMES




Make use of your space and hang some floating shelves above your desk for the prettiest shoe storage Leaning a cork board is another great way to display (and confine!) your inspiration.

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Photography by @EASYINTERIEUR




Never underestimate the power of a smaller shelving unit. It can usually hold whatever would normally clutter your desk.

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Photography by @MARIANNETAYLOR




There’s so much to love in this home office. From the baby blue accent chair to the plant stand, floating shelves, and hanging clipboards, it’s safe to say we’re fans of the space.

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Photography by @BYKOCZANSKA




If you have lots of stuff to hide (who doesn’t) buy uniform buckets to hold your stuff. This office does an exceptional job of masking clutter in a chic, organized way.

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Photography by @ALAINAKAZ




That. Book. Stack. Seriously, we can’t take our eyes off it.

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We cannot stop singing the praises of storage ladders, which can also double as magazine holders, like you see here.

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Photography by @JULEYTL




There’s no reason to worry about wall decor when you can work surrounded by a view of the trees with a flood of natural light.

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Photography by @STREETSMITH




Pinned, organized inspiration in a single color palette can double as decor in minimal office space.

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Photography by @GRAYURBAN




Displaying kind notes or memorable invitations will keep you inspired to keep working hard at what you love.

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Photography by @TAYLORSTERLING




Keeping your color palette consistent with soft neutrals isn’t just a trend. It will keep distractions at bay, and look really, really pretty.

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Photography by @GINGERHEARTS




The decor on and surrounding this desk is kind of amazing. The metallic and marble accents are the perfect mix of trendy and personal.

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Photography by @WHATHAMIFOUND




Details, details, details. Don’t you love when your favorite candles, stacked books, and hand lotion create the perfect office vignette?

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If you have a hard time staying indoors—especially on hot summer days—design a workspace dripping with plants and florals.

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Photography by @BENTHELIEM




Grid wall decor isn’t just good for keeping clutter off your desk, it’s also aesthetically pleasing.

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Keep a pouf around for seating for visitors… And to use as a foot rest.

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Photography by @ERICAAULDS




Because sometimes you need to fit a few workers into one small space. Keep your wall decor simple with a single, larger framed piece of art.

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Photography by @KATHERINEPOWER




Opt for neutral decor in a variety of textures to keep your small feeling fresh and elevated without being too boring.

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Photography by @DESIGNTWINS




Pick polaroids to display at your desk to create a wall of good memories.

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Photography by @STYLEDPORTLAND




Get sh*t done—the perfect sign for an office space.

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You don’t have to adopt a whitewashed, minimal aesthetic if that’s not your style. This pretty, bohemian-inspired desk space is a prime example.

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Photography by @_JAMIEHYATT




Choose wall decor that is also functional. A whiteboard checklist and clipboard calendars are creative and affordable ways to decorate your space.

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Photography by @BRAUNADAMS




This room doubles as a place for guests to crash (yep, that’s a pullout sofa) and a home office.

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Photography by @ITSTAMIKA___




While the desk you see here is located in a true office space, we’re going to steal the decorating idea anyway. Create a uniform grid of inspiration instead of a messier board.

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Photography by @ARLOANDCO




Neon sign lovers, this one is for you. Don’t feel like you must buy a desk lamp if that’s not your style.