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Picture this: France in the Renaissance period. It’s not Paris, but a far off land—maybe somewhere near Beaune, maybe in Aix-en-Provence, who knows, maybe it doesn’t matter. There is an enchanted-turned-decrepit castle where a former prince, now beast, resides with his people, who all turned to other-worldly objects after the entire fortress was cursed with a spell, punishing the beast for his smug behavior. But all of these objects are beautiful—lavish wardrobes and luxe footstools, hand-painted porcelain tea pots, cups and saucers, and charming gold candelabras and grand clocks, to name a few. And they talk too, if that isn’t enough to get your attention.

Twenty-five years later, Disney is re-adapting our favorite fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast, with a crazy impressive cast: Emma Watson, Stanley Tucci, Ian McKellan, and Emma Thompson (the list keeps going, if you can believe it). While little girls across the world will surely be mimicking Belle’s signature ensembles from her French-country blue and white apron dress set to her butter yellow multi-tiered ball gown, it’s the homeware we are seriously after. While Beauty and the Beast is a vision in all things Versailles, the film is actually a real lesson in learning to pay attention to accents around the home. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that a great tea set can go a long way. So can a super chic feather duster. But what about complementary pieces such as bureaus and ottomans in similar shades of slate blue? Those, too. Today, you can not only see Beauty and the Beast in theatres, but you can also turn to the Disney classic for the little spurt of oomph you needed in finding some new things for your home. Here, 9 Beauty and the Beast inspired pieces for your next home revamp, that will have you saying, “be our guest,” in no time.

The Right Lighting

Take a cue from Lumiere and cluster a few of Godinger Lighting by Design’s faux gold candelabras on your dining table for your next gathering—or place them on top of your fireplace to create even more warmth.

Godinger Lighting by Design Large Metal Candelabra, $49.99

Time Will Tell

What would Cogsworth look like if he stepped into modern day? Seiko’s table carriage clock in gold-tone brass might just be the answer.

Seiko Clock – Executive Carriage Desk Clock w/ Alarm, $93.5

French Armoire

If AFK’s grand cane armoire doesn’t scream French dreaminess, we’re not sure what does. We think Wardrobe would approve, too.

AFK Grand Cane Armoire, $5,199

Chic Seating

If the armoire wasn’t enough, a footstool or ottoman can be the perfect accent—try finding complimentary colors to balance the two.

Safavieh Mystic Ottoman, $173.99

Cheeky Teapot

Miss Etoile’s teapot couldn’t be more fitting for Mrs. Potts, even down the batting eyelashes and blushing cheeks.

Miss Etoile Eyes & Dots Teacup, $60

Cute Cup

We thought Chip couldn’t get any cuter, but this tea cup comes pretty close.

Miss Etoile Eyes & Dots Ceramic Coffee Mug, $20

Dust Up 

Why did we ever stop using feather dusters? This Uline chic brown ostrich version is reason enough to bring them back—with a little help from Plumette.

Uline Professional Ostrich Feather Duster – 20″, $16

Plate It

How could you possibly throw a “Be Our Guest” worthy dinner party sans Royal Crown Derby Windsor plates? Luckily, we found the real thing on TheRealReal.

Royal Crown Derby Five-Piece Windsor Place Setting, $495.00

The Rose

For a minimal touch, go with one single red rose as opposed to a bouquet—maybe even place it in a glass dome for good measure, just don’t forget to store it away in the west wing.

Diana Open Silk Wedding Rose in Red 5″ Wide Bloom x 26″ Tall, $5.99