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Hanging a large piece art in your home isn’t just a commitment, it’s expensive. Like really expensive. But not to worry. We have 7 DIYs that cost one hundred dollars or less—as opposed to hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

hang a tapestry

Okay, so this isn’t really DIY per se, but it still counts. Finding inexpensive tapestries is almost too easy, and to hang, all you need is two nails and a hammer. Look to Society6 and Urban Outfitters for a variety of styles of tapestries will cost you $50-80.

stretch a tapestry

All it takes to build your own frame is a few pieces of plywood and a handful of nails. Stretching a tapestry over your frame—and even adding your own frame—closely resembles an upholstery project. See a detailed DIY on Desert Domicile.

paint your own

If you have something modern, abstract, or specific in mind, just do it yourself! Source images you love for inspiration and take a paintbrush to a large, stretched canvas and find the artist within. See what inspired The Fox & She’s large abstract canvas painting for ideas.

paper your own

Painting isn’t for everyone. Luckily, adhering wallpaper or printed paper from your local specialty paper store is way easier than developing your own design—and it will take less time. Think big maps and larger patterns (small will look busy and translate poorly). If your maps are on the smaller side, pick up three and hang next to each other, creating a multi-paneled look. Another way to spice this is up is by adhering your paper to an interesting shape.

make it interactive

A more fun take on the adult coloring book is a coloring poster! Simply hang your poster (they’re HUGE!) on the wall and let guests color when they stop by your place. Everyone will love contributing and seeing the progress of your artwork. Our favorites are made by Pirasta and OMY, who both sell posters that are over five feet long that feature every map and city imaginable. Bonus: They’re great for kids, too.

download printable files

Even ordering large prints online can get costly—especially when you add the frame. A little known trick is that you can get huge posters printed at your local office supply store for as little as ten to twenty dollars. Print your own landscapes if you have a high quality camera and a knack for photography. Another option is buying a downloadable PDF and getting that printed. Sycamore Street Press sells a variety of cacti prints that cost only $9 and Etsy has a large selection of prints—all available for instant download.

create a grid

Chances you already have all the supplies you need in your home are high. Simply choose a photo, divide it into squares in Photoshop (or another photo editing software), print, cut, and tape to your wall. You can make it as big as you please and to be frank, the result it way more visually interesting than a regular print. Learn more about the process on A Beautiful Mess.