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When it comes to refreshing your decor with a new season in mind, there are undoubtedly a number of ways to go about it. One of the more simple approaches comes in the form of swapping out existing art. Now, we’ll admit that there is nothing easy about finding the perfect print or painting but, it can be significantly less costly than splurging on a new furniture set. To make the decision process a little easier on you, we caught up with art dealer and curator Alessandra Salituri, of Citizen Atelier, to get the lowdown on how to refresh your space for fall, with art. Here’s what we learned. 

Add warmth with rich and moody art.

In contrast to the vibrant and cheery shades commonly associated with summer, the autumnal season is all about drawing on the saturated hues found in nature. 
“For fall, I love surrounding myself with pieces of art that have warm colours like burgundy, rust, ruby, emerald, and beiges,” says Salituri.
Bold photography is another alternative for making a moody statement. “I personally love art set against darker backgrounds; they have a dreaminess and romance to them that helps elevate any space.”
Pictured above; art by floral photographer Ashley Woodson Bailey.

Ditch the walls and embrace the unexpected. 

Short on wall space? Consider incorporating art in the more unexpected of spaces: bookshelves, nightstands, and ledges included. 
“I love the idea of incorporating smaller pieces of art in the nooks and empty spaces of a home. They’re the perfect finishing touch, adding coziness and charm without clutter. Focus on unexpected areas, like bookcases in which, small framed works can be integrated amongst books and objects.”

Lean on.

Finding it difficult to commit to hanging art on walls? No need to fret over your indecisiveness. Display your framed prints on the mantel or even the floors, casually leaning them against the wall. Salituri suggests layering two or three pieces together and adding a decorative element, such as a vase or basket in front, for a balanced look. The result is an effortlessly cool finish that’s relaxed.
“Throughout my travels in Europe, I noticed that many Parisian and Scandinavian homes have taken this approach, which makes for a stunning ‘lived-in feel’. It also results in a “cocooning” effect in a space, which is great for the cooler months.”

Pictured above: Art by Krisjan Rossouw.

Think outside the print.

While we typically tend to seek a custom frame for prints and paintings, once we’ve settled on one, we hardly ever swap them out, especially if said frame is something we’ve invested in. Short of having to buy new art, consider opting for a new frame instead. Not only will it transform the art piece itself, but it will instill a refreshing element to your decor.
“One trend we are seeing more of now is a shift towards lighter, natural wood framing, which brings organic warmth to a room; though be sure to remember it should complement the colours in the artwork,” says Salituri. “I’ve always felt that how you frame your art is just as important as the work itself. For the last few years, many have been gravitating towards simple black or white wood frames which always look classic and beautiful.”

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