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Self-taught photographer Ashley Woodson Bailey worked as a floral designer for nearly two decades before a life-altering accident prevented her from going after her usual, larger scale projects. With a BFA in Art History and Art, Bailey sought out to create a lasting arrangement of florals, through the lens of her camera. Her premier collection, entitled “Dark”, was inspired by the transformation of a flower from its blossomed form to a dying stem, with a focus on preserving the change as a moment in time.

Here, Bailey spills a few of her tried and true tips for photographing florals.

What inspires you?

Flowers, Dries Van Noten, art, travel, my children, and my dogs.

Do you have a favorite backdrop for photographing florals?

My husband painted our bedroom (floor to ceiling) in Benjamin Moore’s Black Panther, so I could photograph my florals against it with the beautiful natural light that shines in through our bedroom window. I also love different shades of velvet – although to be honest, my mood drives the decision of what the image will look like.

What is your go-to trick for arranging flowers to be photographed?

I make the arrangements three-sided when photographing because no one will ever see the back of the flowers.

Any advice for the budding floral photographer?  

Don’t be afraid of the flowers – they won’t talk back to you.

What’s your favorite floral palette for spring or summer?  

It always depends on what they have at the flower market. The last few times I’ve gone, I have been drawn to the most beautiful yellow garden roses and gorgeous pale blue hybrid delphinium.

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