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Canadian style brings to mind a number of adjectives, and the best of them all come to life in the home of Christine Flynn, a Toronto-based artist who is redefining Canadiana through her décor boutique, Love the Design, which offers contemporary art, vintage finds, and one-of-a-kind furniture. Flynn’s family home echoes her shop, where knotty woods and cozy textiles are met with polished hardware and luxe finishes.

But nothing embodies Flynn’s signature rustic-meets-modern aesthetic more than the eclectic art walls that grace both her home and boutique. A mix of her own photography and items she has collected over the years, the art wall is where Flynn shines. Take a tour of Chez Flynn and get expert tips for building your own art wall.

YOUR HOME IS A PERFECT EXPRESSION OF YOUR STYLE AND WHAT WE SEE AT LOVE THE DESIGN. TELL US ABOUT YOUR VISION. I wanted our home to be elegant and sophisticated, but comfortable. It’s the kind of place where you feel like you can come in and put your feet up. There are no “off-limits” rooms and I think people really feel that when they’re in the space.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR AESTHETIC? How would you describe your aesthetic?

WHAT MAKES A HOME BEAUTIFUL? Art is what brings personality to any space. It’s a reflection of your personal style and makes a space uniquely yours.

WHAT IS YOUR MOST PRIZED POSSESSION? There’s a floral art piece in my house that was originally a find for Love the Design, but I loved it so much I kept it for myself. It’s reminiscent of classic Dutch painters like Vincent van Gogh — which I really enjoy.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION? Palm Springs. I try and make a trip there at least once a year. Actually, one of my most popular pieces is from a stay at the Ace Hotel which is hanging in our home. I love the life of Palm Springs — the desert heat feels amazing, the mid-century architecture is to die for, and the mountains are the perfect backdrop for cocktails at sunset. It’s my home away from home.

WHERE DO YOU FEEL THE MOST INSPIRED? I definitely love being out in nature — my most recent collection focused on photographing the majestic bison across North America. There’s something so inspiring about flora and fauna, and you can’t beat the beauty of natural light.

DO YOU HAVE ANY TIPS FOR BUILDING AN ART WALL? The most important thing to keep in mind is to display things you love — things that speak to you and that you want to be surrounded with every day. Choose the biggest piece as your starting point and build out from there. And remember to keep things balanced in terms of scale, shape, and color.

Ashley Bartlett a design enthusiast and the founder of Quaintrelle.ca, a cultivation of life’s pleasures. Follow Ashley’s adventures on Instagram. Photography by Cameron Bartlett. Visit her shop here & here.