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why you need a washi tape wall

one easy way to add color and interest to your home workspace!

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by McKenna Bleu

When designing my office space, I went to Pinterest for my inspiration. (Who doesn’t)?! I knew I wanted lots of color and some sort of geometric design.

I stumbled across a photo where someone used washi tape to outline art on their wall, and I knew this was just the idea I wanted to recreate. I will say the most challenging part was finding the perfect shade of hot pink tape, and more importantly one that would stick to my wall. I ordered a few samples from Etsy and unfortunately after a few test strands they didn’t end up sticking. I came across paper tape from Target (Kid Made Modern 6pk Paper Tape) and sure enough that was the winner! Both the perfect shade of hot pink and sticks perfectly. Score!

Initially, my first thought for designing my geometric shape was to just “wing it” and not use any guidelines, I was so wrong! I quickly realized it was imperative to measure out the lines and be very precise. I will say after each line I created I would step back and stare to see what move I wanted to make next. I loved how it turned out and the best part is it can easily be removed at any point, mess free! I’m truly amazed with what you can create with simple tape! To me, this space not only offers inspiration but also a place that reflects my true personal style.

Photos by: Stacy Bauer Photography  Frames- Framebridge  Wall Art- Ashley Cooper Designs