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Looking for a reason to redesign your home office this month? Personalized workspaces make you more productive by providing you with a greater sense of ownership and control over your space. Your workspace doesn’t have to be a stale and lifeless place. Rather, it should be a reflection of who you are and a place that inspires and excites you to work every day. January is the perfect time to set the stage.

We spoke to Lucy Lyle, founder and CEO of new workspace goods purveyor Perch, to get recommendations on how to refresh your desk space. “We spend the majority of our waking hours working, so we should invest in the spaces we work in,” says Lyle. “Creating a personal workspace that cultivates your energy rather than draining you of it—that works for you not against you—will inspire and excite you for the year ahead!”

Perch Desk

The first step is to get a chic desk—it’s the anchor of any workspace. “A beautiful desk is a beautiful workspace foundation,” says Lyle. “Whether you’re someone who brings work home from the office every evening or a freelancer designing your home office, Perch’s hand-crafted mahogany desks (produced in Nicaragua) will help you make your space feel inspired.”

Perch Mahogany Helm Desk, $750


A dedicated workspace makes you more productive. “Today, it’s easy for work and the rest of life to unintentionally bleed into one another,” says Lyle. “Rather than slumping onto the couch or sitting at your kitchen table, your workspace should be a space that is meant for professional and creative thinking.”

Zuo Modern Criss Cross Office Chair, $198;

Paper Sorter

Details like photos, postcards, or mementos that hold emotional meaning are fun items to keep in your workspace to remember life outside of work, but organization is key. “It’s important to have a place for everything to land in your workspace, from paper clips to pens,” says Lyle. “This makes it easy to keep things organized rather than the tedious task of constantly needing to clean things up.”

Perch Acrylic Clarity Tab Paper Sorter, $18


Let the light in! Proper lighting is essential to productivity. We love the clean lines of this industrial brass lamp.

Perch Stillwell Brass Desk Lamp, $185


“The aesthetics of the tools you use at work matter,” says Lyle, who cites author Scott Belsky (Making Ideas Happen). “Belsky found that everything from the pen you use, to the quality of the paper or colors of folders can actually help boost your productivity. Organization systems consisting of beautiful tools and materials have proven to work better, and are more likely to be consistently and continuously used.”

Kate Spade New York Zadie Hand Bookends, $49.99;


“Your personal workspace is an important place where you can pause and step away from the inundation and constant incoming requests, and continuous state of chain reactions,” says Lyle. Objects like paper clips and loose change can be easily tamed with small trays, portable storage boxes and catchalls nested in trays or desk drawers.

Perch Plastic Mustard Toolbox, $60

Tape Dispenser

“I keep my desk essentials—including a horn pen cup with an assortment of pens, stapler, tape dispenser, and glass catchall with paperclips—grouped on a tray and within arms reach,” says Lyle. This tape dispenser is bright and playful.

Design Ideas StikIt Tape, $19.99

Waste Bin

Even your trash should have a home. This modern, lightweight and sleek waste bin can be tucked under a desk and goes with most styles of furniture.

Perch Wire Waste Can, $38