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Can you believe it’s already back to school season? Summer feels like it just started, but for everyone beginning or returning to college, it’s dorm room decorating crunch time. And when it comes to finding inspiration for the latest trends, where better to turn to than the perpetual source of home decor envy that is Pinterest?

Based on search volume, the photo aggregating site pulled together the top college bedroom decorating trends you’ll be seeing a lot of this year. Get ready for neon lights and macrame wall hangings.

Marquee and Felt Signs

An easy way to personalize your space (and hide ugly cinderblock walls) is to include a sign with a fun saying. Live in a dorm with a strict no-holes-in-the-wall policy? Prop your sign up on a dresser instead like this sign inspired by the best TV show of all time.


Removable Decor

You might only be living there for one academic year, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style! Thanks to wonderful inventions like temporary wallpaper and washi tape, you can add some color to your walls without worrying about having to re-paint them white at the end of the year.


Neon Signs

Pinterest searches for neon signs are up 197 percent from last year, so it’s safe to say this is one trend you’ll be seeing a lot of this year. Whether you go for a saying or a symbol, a bright sign is a great way to bring some energy to a space.  


Macrame Wall Hangings

Fill up an empty corner of your room with a macrame wall hanging to create a cozy, homey vibe. You can even DIY one yourself to completely customize your space.  


Room Dividers

If you’ve never shared a room with someone before, adjusting to a new roommate can be tough. Make the transition a little easier with a room divider to create your own personal space and add a unique design element at the same time. Get creative with what you use as a divider—from curtains to bookshelves to string lights or faux florals, the possibilities are endless.


Hanging Decor

Working with a tiny space? Ensure you’re utilizing every possible part of the room by making the most of your walls. Hanging shelves are great for displaying your favorite accent pieces or books and keeping everything off the ground. Learn how to DIY these chic leather strap shelves here.


Low-Maintenance Plants

Plants are a great way to bring the outdoors inside and liven up a room; just be sure to go for easy-to-maintain plants that you won’t kill when finals season creeps up and you have to set up permanent residence in the library.


Chunky Throw Blankets

The ultimate cozy-room necessity, throw blankets are a must for any college dorm room where heating can be unpredictable. Try a chunky knit throw you can drape over your couch or bed when you’re not using it to add some texture to your bedding.


At-Home Coffee Bar

Instead of braving the line at your local Starbucks each morning, save time and money by making your coffee at home. Whether you’re in a tiny off-campus apartment or in a small dorm, a coffee machine or DIY coffee station doesn’t take up tons of space and is a super useful tool to have for those early mornings (and late nights).

DIY Drawer Organizers

Keep your drawers organized without spending a lot on ready-made dividers by repurposing old shoe boxes or even cereal boxes to store your socks and other smaller items. You can even cover those boxes with brightly-colored tape or paper to make them a little more stylish.

String Lights

A dorm room decor favorite, string lights are always a good idea. They soften the harsh fluorescent lighting often found in

college dorm rooms

and instantly cozy up the space (not to mention, they’re very conducive to Instagramming).

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