8 Reasons to Love the Danish Design Shop Flying Tiger

Make this chic Scandinavian store your go-to for fun and unexpected decor.

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Sometimes, the tiniest update to your space—a cute dishwashing brush in a bright hue, or an organizing basket with a sleek design—is all the punctuation your pad needs. One of our go tos to refresh our space is Flying Tiger Copenhagen, which is essentially a more accessible, urban friendly design marketplace.

The Danish variety store first opened in Copenhagen in 1995, and now, the chain has over 500 stores. Its largest markets are Denmark, the UK, Spain, and Italy, but it also boasts several locations in the New York area. Satisfyingly Scandinavian, it serves up both stunning design and palatable prices—and the offerings are as varied as the shades in which they’re available.

Here, we include our eight favorites to integrate into your home decor game.


Goodbye, Packing Paranoia

Thanks to this colorful packing checklist, you’ll never again leave for a trip without remembering to carry every vital item. Keep it on your desk, and you’ll always have an ample supply of everything—from power cords to socks.


A Plethora of 


The pineapple is a symbol of hospitality, and Flying Tiger has pineapple-printed everything to make your home as hospitable as ever—including prints, glasses and carafes, paper plates and cups, candle holders, and this lamp, just to name a few.

Naiad Natty

Alas, this elegant enhancement is only available at the European Flying Tiger locations—but if these fun aquatic bookends don’t inspire a trip abroad, we don’t know what does.


Suspended Greenery

To paraphrase Voltaire, cultivate your hanging garden—this planter is perfect for small spaces, and the clean, white design makes any plant look extra stylish.


Sips and Stripes

One part French countryside, one part nautical chic, this drink cozy keeps your LaCroix cool AF, all while contrasting glamorously when used poolside.

A Curious Catch All

Use these mustache mason jars either for drinks at all your summer barbecues and picnics, or to hold items like coins, pencils, or odds and ends at your desk.

Tootsie Rest

This little footstool is super simple but genius—it even adds value to the most cramped workspaces. And let’s be real: Being able to surreptitiously put your feet up while catching up on emails is will make your work day so much more pleasant.


Pescetarian Plate

Whether you use it for parties or weeknight dinners, everyone will want to know the provenance of this fish dish. Use it to serve seafood snacks like shrimp cocktail, or the components of a clam bake.


Check out Flying Tiger’s store locator to find a location near you.

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