According to a New Study, the Ideal Neighborhood Is Nice and Calm

So, what exactly does that mean?

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When it comes to your dream home, updated kitchen cabinets and ample closet space are typically top priorities, but ultimately, there’s nothing more important than where that home is. A new study by ImproveNet reveals exactly what 2,210 Americans consider to be their ideal neighborhood—and as it turns out, when it comes to where people want to live, silence is golden.

Of the study’s participants, 33 percent prefer living in quiet suburbs of big cities, and 25 percent prefer quiet parts of big cities. Both options strike a balance—you’re close to the hustle and bustle, but not too close. Apparently, a bit of hubbub helps: Only 37 percent of participants who live in exurbs (places nowhere near big cities) are happy with their neighborhoods.

When it comes to neighbors, too, a bit of space makes everyone happier. The majority of participants (61%) want to be somewhat close to their neighbors, but only 17% want to be on the level of having game nights every week. The remaining 22% would rather be left entirely alone.

As Mr. Rogers would have it, a beautiful neighborhood is one built on a foundation of peace and quiet. A cute trolley car is just an added bonus.

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