We tend to think of humidifiers as a winter skin solution, but it turns out that they’re just as vital during the summer months. Board-certified dermatologist S. Manjula Jegasothy, MD, CEO and Founder of Miami Skin Institute, says air conditioning dries ambient air, causing skin dryness. “Humidifiers moisten ambient air and can be useful to hydrate skin appropriately in the summertime,” she says. “Although it has never been proven by medical literature, it is possible that the same mechanism that causes our skin to dry out in the winter time may indeed cause our skin to dry out in dry, air conditioned air,” she explains. Jegasothy notes that if your skin is excessively dry indoors, a humidifier may be helpful, regardless of the season. Here, some beautifully designed options to

hydrate your skin

and amp up your bedroom decor.

For even room coverage, this hygienic humidification system from Dyson looks as if it comes from the future and minimizes bacteria growth. Bonus: It’s also a fan!

 Dyson Humidifier, $499.99

An inexpensive option, this chic cubic cool-mist diffuser boasts low and high levels. Its compact size makes it ideal for small urban bedrooms. It’s also safe to use around babies, young children, kids, or pets.

Levoit Air Humidifier, Amazon, $49.99 

With a small humidifier, sometimes it feels as if you’re constantly refilling it. This one runs up to 24 hours per filling on a low setting and is up to 25 percent quieter than other evaporative humidifiers, making it a great option for light sleepers.

This one boasts a larger capacity: Its 5-liter water tank can emit a cool water vapor into the air for a full night. Available in chic matte black with silver-white body design, it’s the perfect choice for any decor. Two modes allow you to control the mist.

This donut-shaped design delight works well while floating in a mug or cup of water on your desktop. It even comes in millennial pink.

This gorgeous Japanese design by Takeshi Ishiguro is available at MoMA. For minimal floor space and chic, clean lines, this one is a winner.

The Chimney Humidifier, Amazon, $194

A colorful option, this humidifier comes in white, brown, or two shades of pink. Smart hybrid technology also ensures that the mist is bacteria-free.

Objecto H3 Hydro Humidifier, Bed Bath & Beyond, $99

Another cool-mist humidifier, this one boasts seven colors of soothing LED light. You can cycle through all the hues or set it to your favorite to suit your mood. Drizzle a few drops of your favorite aromatherapy oil—we like Aromatherapy Associates—in the well for a little lift.

MIU Color Aromatherapy Diffuser, Net-A-Porter,  $98