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By now, you’ve probably noticed this emerging trend: It seems like everyone who is anyone has a painted portrait in their house—featuring a stranger. And these quirky and charming faces can add a lot of character to your home.

If you want to take part in the party, check out online vintage shops like Chairish, Etsy and Everything But The House. You can certainly hunt down the perfect portrait at your local flea market, but these sites make the search a bit easier. You can even get get really specific about the type of stranger you’re hoping to find.

Color Pop

This smirking lady would certainly add some interest to your walls. Her colors practically reach out and grab you. You can purchase this exact portrait from Anthropologie, and hang her over your bed for an instantly eclectic space.

Old Timey

We love when portraits appear a little dark and sly. This collection of men, dressed in formal wear, and spotted on Claire Brody Designs, really captures that look. We love seeing these buddies in a set of three. The mix of shapes is also very captivating.

Get the look with this pair of portrait paintings, and then add in this graduating friend.

A Family Affair

When shopping multiple sources, you can create a blended family of sorts. Collect a curated group of people that combine to make a unit. On The Pursuit Aesthetic, you have a husband, wife, two sons, and a daughter. This grouping even has a pet cat. Start your own stranger family with this handsome hunk and this gorgeous gal.

Strangers in a Case

You can easily arrange your painted portraits into a well styled #shelfie. This pair of people creates a perfectly balanced bookcase. Nail the stranger art look by picking up this exact piece.

Cute Couple

This darling duo looks sweet hanging out together in a bedroom. You can hunt down the perfect couple at a local flea market—or you can shop online. Introduce this woman to this man to ensure a match made in heaven.

Kitchen Sidekick

Have you thought about putting a portrait in your kitchen? It’s like having a sous chef! This little lady is a strong contender. Add a kick of color to a basic white kitchen by placing a person on your open wooden shelving. Mixed into a collection of glasses and dishware, this look from the Lokal Hotel is a winner.

Face It

This vignette proves yet again that every bar cart needs a person hanging overhead. Snag yourself some stranger art by adding this guy to your collection.

Nudist Colony

Nude paintings certainly fall within the world of stranger art, but they’re also a category of their own. Adorn your walls with these colorful, comfortable-in-the-buff people. You can find paintings that embody every human shape and form like this red haired woman or this brunette beauty.

Strangers with Attitude

There’s a tiny ballerina nestled in this eclectic

gallery wall

on The Vintage Rug Shop. She appears to have a lot of sass, so a similar look is sure to add some attitude to your

blue bedroom walls

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