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I named this curated collection “Rebel Girl” after Kathleen Hanna’s classic song. Hanna was a pioneer of the feminist punk riot grrrl movement, and is still a badass activist whose work is now more relevant than ever. I wanted to capture that spirit of female empowerment with these picks, which are inspired by the irreverent and rule-rejecting attitude of the underground punk scene and revived women’s movement.

Currently revolting against traditional bedding with these rose-tatted sheets, the latest from Raf Simons for Calvin Klein.

Clone Bedding by Calvin Klein, Macy’s, from $100

Street artist and collagist Judith Supine brings the party home with a cast of characters that you’ll never want to leave.

Eye of the Beholder Wallpaper, Flavor Paper, $200 per roll

Don’t take your seating too seriously. Rules are made to be broken.

9.5° Chair, Frama, $915

Form meets dysfunction in this abstract vessel.   Brendan Timmins, Vessel

For the ladies and gentlemen who pierce everything, a bag irreverent enough to rock every day this fall.

Black Mini Pierce Bag, J.W. Anderson, $1,480 

Debbie Harry in pillow form.

Heather Hair Pillow by For Reference, The Future Perfect, $2,800

A portrait of the punks of our generation.

Stranger at the Twin Peaks Party Print, Joanna Sullivan