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Drew Barrymore’s First-Ever Home Collection Is an Ode to Free Spirits

4 looks we’re loving from her Walmart line.
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A well-designed home is rarely one that follows every rule in the book. No one knows this to be truer than Drew Barrymore. The same free-spirited mentality that has long informed the actress’s creative ventures in Hollywood and beyond—including her lifestyle brand, Flower—has also fueled her love affair with design, and it shows in her first-ever decor and furniture collection for Walmart. 

“It’s poppy and it’s colorful and it’s fun,” says Barrymore of the 200-something-item Flower Home collection. Heavy on punchy prints and bold colors, each piece is a direct reflection of the Santa Clarita Diet star’s personal style, which she fittingly defines as “happy, full of life, warm, and eclectic.”  

“I think we’re in the business of joy,” Barrymore continues. “Flower Home is my vision of a stylish home—beautiful and comfortable. It’s an eclectic mix, with bohemian and mid-century touches throughout.”

Designed to brighten any room, the vivid collection spans everything from upholstered bed frames and velvet armchairs to Memphis-inspired accents and floral throw pillows. There’s also a refreshing amount of artwork. “The wall art showcases floral prints, animals, and vintage books, and a lot of the pieces are inspired by art in my personal collection,” shares Barrymore.

While items range from $18 for a ceramic decorative vase to $899 for a blush velvet sofa, the soulful lineup is primed for a wallet-friendly refresh. Take a first peek at the looks we’re loving below.

For the Tropical Bohemian

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Largely inspired by her own travels, the prints used in the collection take a sunny approach to classic floral motifs. “One of the things I’m most proud of is that every single print is completely our own,” says Barrymore. Maximalists can embrace their playful ways in the bedroom by pairing an abstract palm-leaf comforter with sunny yellow shams, while minimalists can indulge in a lone dose of color by way of a graphic basket or a lounge-worthy chaise.

“I love the melting pot of mixing and matching patterns and color to create a style that feels like not everything came from the same place,” adds Barrymore.

For the Curated Eclectic

courtesy of walmart

The pieces might be new, but if you look a little closer, you’ll notice that the silhouettes draw on a slew of decades and design styles. Who knew that a mid-century coffee table, an Art Deco rug, and a Moroccan pouf could peacefully coexist in the same room? Flower Home feels like it came from all different places and countries, time periods, genres, and categories,” says Barrymore. “It’s a perfect balance of richly layered and cozy.”

While there’s something to be said for collecting objects over time, if you can’t stand the wait, re-create a well-traveled feel by mixing old and new.  

For the Aspiring Collector

courtesy of walmart

Parrots and portraits aren’t the only happy surprises shoppers will find while browsing the art selection. If you’re going to add any piece to your gallery wall, Barrymore suggests the quirky portrait of a man with a dog head—one of her favorite under-$100 items. “The Human Dog from the traveled gallery wall collection is a favorite and personally inspired piece,” she says.

Also on her must-have list? “The fringe storage baskets for decorative throws and pillows and our ceramic dinnerware sets. Also, an expressive piece I adore is the Forgotten Era Ceramic Face Lamp topped with a Venetian Wine Velvet Shade.”

For the Serial Daydreamer

courtesy of walmart

The key to pulling off whimsy? Worry less about whether things “go together,” and worry more about what you love. “Everything lends itself to design, so it’s a matter of where you get your inspiration from and then you build it from there,” suggests Barrymore.

Unexpected surfaces—think bedframes, side tables, rugs, and bookends—are all great places to test out wispy prints, electric hues, and intricate embellishments.

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