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Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

There may be some trends we’re glad to see dead and buried with 2017, but there are equally others we’re happy to see back for round two this summer. Hey—if it ain’t broke, right? Not to mention that seeing old favorites be usable for yet another year significantly cuts down on shopping costs. Between vibrant color palettes and trendy foods and everything in between, here are the things we were loving last year that we’re still obsessing over now.

Photography by Michael Wiltbank

Woven everything

I’m not over the straw movement. To me, woven accessories will never go out of style—and this ultra-chic (and seriously functional) material still screams summertime ease. I’m excited to see bolder, boho baskets and other braided finds on the beach and in the home this season. These vintage woven nesting straw baskets are a great Etsy find. – Lydia Geisel, Digital Editorial Intern

Photography by Hotel Henriette

Pastels, all of them

I feel like loving pastels for summer is kind of like that The Devil Wears Prada “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking” meme, but they’re just so good. I’m gravitating toward a palette of pale pinks, mint greens, and light lavenders paired with electric blues and bold yellows. Nails, clothing, pillows, ceramics, everything! – Alyssa Clough, Social Media Editor

Photography by Michael Wiltbank

Yellow, yellow, yellow

Being that red is my favorite color, I’m all about 2018’s color of the summer; that said, I’m also still not over last year’s. Unfortunately I’m too pale to pull off actually wearing yellow, but as far as accessories and decor go, I’m all about the sunny hue! Currently considering painting my kitchen a warm golden yellow (like Benjamin Moore’s aptly named “Sunshine” shade). I honestly might just do it before my roommate and/or landlord get wind of my plot and try to stop me. – Elly Leavitt, Associate Digital Editor

Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

Red hot lips

I’m still super into a bold lip for summer. It literally couldn’t be easier, as long as you keep everything else pared down. As makeup artist Ashleigh Ciucci described it last year, “My summer beauty routine is super low-maintenance: SPF 50+, tinted lashes, and a bold lip. While the instinct is to go sheer and natural in the heat, a poppin’ pout is the quickest way to make a statement on sunny days. The contrast is unexpected. Don’t be afraid to pick strongly pigmented shades, like cherry red, neon melon, or magenta, which look chic against all skin colors and hold up under the bright summer light.”

I’m especially partial to a bold stain, too. You can drink and eat—or kiss, you makeout bandit—and they’ll last through it all. The new Clarins Water Lip Stains, $28 each, are bold (or subtle if you want them to be) and will last for hours on end. – Kristin Limoges, Beauty Editor

Illustration by Phuong Nguyen


I have come to the realization that I deeply love terrazzo. It’s one of those materials that’s endlessly surprising and versatile, and whenever I spot it in the wild, I have an actual physical reaction that, I imagine, is akin to how a mother bear feels when she needs to protect her young: It is mine, and no one else can come near it. A good starting point if you’re looking to indulge a burgeoning terrazzo obsession is this perfectly speckled tray from Zakkia. – Jessica Dailey, Digital Editorial Director

Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

Perfect plum salad

Let me paint you a picture of the 2017 food trend I’m trying to manifest this summer. It’s a perfectly breezy, 70-degree evening. The sky is a splash of orange and rose. Days before, I thrifted the perfect rooftop dining set. My friends are gathered around a candlelit table. I set out a platter of this Herbaceous Plum Salad we learned to make from

Lauren Gerrie

last summer. The salad matches the sky. My friends are blown away by the delicate use of local honey and Thai basil blossoms. I proceed to live my best summer yet. – Cyrus Ferguson, Reader Experience

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