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8 Wild Food Trends to Try Before They’re Gone Forever

From black ice cream to unicorn pancakes, this year has seen its fair share of strange food fads.

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Food trends are often questionable at best and downright disgusting at worst (never forget the jello salad). But no matter where you stand on these food fads, they’re undeniably fun to test out—and luckily, we’ve seen no shortage of innovative culinary creations. Here are some of our favorites to try now before they become impossible to find.


Crystal Ball Frappuccino

First, there was the Unicorn Frappuccino—you know, the flavor-changing pink and blue blend you saw all over Instagram? Hot on its heels, Starbuck’s latest contribution to the phenomenon that are bizarre food combos: the Crystal Ball Frappuccino. The marbled-turquoise concoction is characterized as a “mystical, swirling peach infusion” complete with peach-flavored whipped cream and sprinkles in an array of three hues.

Cloud Eggs

The foam food phenomenon of modern cuisine may be responsible for this particular food trend, which sees regular eggs served up to resemble little clouds. To make this light breakfast food, beat egg whites into peaks and mix in herbs or even bacon. Spoon onto a tray to form nests and bake until golden brown, adding the uncooked yolks in at the very end. Serve on rustic-looking parchment paper for prime Instagram #content.


Unicorn Food

From unicorn lattes to unicorn toast, this pastel-hued trend was out of control this year. While most iterations of unicorn items are really just dyed foods with a healthy dose of sprinkles added over top, the unicorn latte actually made a name for itself as something of a veritable health drink. Popularized by NYC cafe The End Brooklyn, this wellness beverage includes ginger, lemon, coconut milk, honey, and E3Live blue green algae, the latter of which gives the drink its signature blue tint.


Could 2017 be the year that moringa toppled kale as the leading supergreen? This nutrient-dense plant provides protein, calcium, and iron. It also contains anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties that could help fight chronic diseases. It’s widely available in many forms, but the easiest one has to be the powder, which is used much like matcha powder and is easily added into smoothies, teas, or even protein shakes for an added vitamin boost.


Beetroot Lattes

Continuing on with the wellness drink trend—which could actually be 2017’s biggest food fad overall—is the beetroot latte, this year’s answer to turmeric “golden milk”. As is evident by the beverage’s name, the pink hue comes from beetroot, which also provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits while simultaneously improving blood flow. And given the fact that millennial pink refuses to die, it’s hardly surprising that one of the trendiest drinks of the year comes in a pretty rosy color.



If you haven’t heard of Ube, you’ve probably seen it spattered all over social media chiefly because it’s hard to miss: Ube is a purple yam from the Asian tropics that has been broken down and used for several desserts. There are ube donuts, ube cookies, even ube ice cream… there are no limits to how you use this richly-colored food.

Avolattes (and other latte holders made of produce)

One of the more bizarre trends of 2017, avolattes are exactly what they sound like. This trend began in a Melbourne coffee shop, where one trailblazing barista at the Truman Cafe took it upon himself to serve a latte in an avocado, making millennials everywhere shed quiet tears of joy. This then emboldened other baristas around the world to start implementing other sacrilegious coffee vessels such as carrots, apples, and even tomatoes. Here’s to hoping that 2018 sees the resuscitation of the good old coffee mug.



Charcoal aids in removing toxins and digestion. Of course, it helps that in addition to whatever beneficial medical properties it may include, the addition of charcoal turns your food an inky gray-black shade that’s super photogenic. This year, activated charcoal-infused food made its way into the mainstream via charcoal burger buns, ice cream cones, and even bagels. This particular fad comes with a warning label, however: Ingesting too much-activated charcoal could strip your system of good nutrients in addition to getting rid of toxins. Enjoy in moderation.

Originally published October 2017. Updated with new information March 2018.

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