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Move over, avocado toast: There’s a new Instagram breakfast celebrity in town.

Just when we thought we had exhausted all possible methods of cooking eggs, along comes a new food trend to shake things up. Introducing cloud eggs, the healthy and innovative way to prepare your eggs that also just happens to be extremely photogenic. Cloud eggs, creatively named as such because they’re meant to resemble clouds, are shaped like fluffy meringues and look like something you would be served at a fancy brunch place.

However, the concept behind this dish is actually surprisingly simple: After separating your egg whites from the yolk, beat the whites until stiff peaks form. Carefully fold in any desired add-ins—such as herbs or even bacon—then spoon onto a tray and bake for about 6 minutes, adding in the yolks towards the end.

When they’re done, the whites should be a golden-brown color and the yolks should be perfectly runny. Serve over toast or with soldiers for dipping—and don’t forget to take a picture. You’ll be in good company: #cloudeggs currently has over 6,500 tagged images and counting on Instagram.

While this seems like a new method, NPR points out that it’s actually a centuries-old technique. Daniel Gritzer, culinary director of Serious Eats told NPR, “It’s essentially something called Eggs in Snow, which the French have been making for centuries,” pointing to a recipe from Le Cuisinier François, a cookbook published in 1651.

The French are always so ahead of the curve.

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Image via Rachel Ray Every Day