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Love it or hate it, 2017 is officially the year of the unicorn. This fairytale-esque trend is having a major moment. And it only makes sense…if you are what you eat, don’t you want to be a unicorn? From lattes to cake pops, these pastel and rainbow-hued treats are almost too beautiful to consume. Luckily, you can snap a pic and then start nibbling (or sipping). Here, the dreamy delights taking over our newsfeed. Unlike unicorns, they aren’t too good to be true.

Unicorn Bark

White chocolate unicorn bark—decorated with confetti, marshmallows and Lucky Charms—is magically delicious. Wondering where to find such a creative confection? Crème & Sugar in Anaheim, California.


First there were cronuts, then there were donut walls, now there are doughnicorns (donuts + unicorns). Are these perfect pastries the most adorable addition to the unicorn food craze? We think so.

Unicorn Cake Cones

It’s hard not to be delighted by this duo of adorable little cake cones. Ready to get in on the fun? Stock up on these sprinkles from Sucre Sprinkles.

Healthy Unicorn Latte

Looking for a healthy way to embrace this whimsical trend? Rainbow wellness lattes, from The End Brooklyn, are taking social media by storm (with no sign of slowing down).This brilliant blue beverage is made with a healthy blend of ginger, lemon, coconut milk, honey and E3Live blue green algae.

Unicorn Toast

Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Toast slathered with pastel-colored cream cheese and topped with rainbow sprinkles and edible gold leaf makes it that much better.

Unicorn Hot Chocolate

If you ask us, Monday morning could use a pinch or two more magic. Insert this pink cocoa confection. It’s the perfect way to start your week on a sweet note.

Unicorn Pancakes

As if brunch wasn’t magical enough, this dainty pancake stack makes it that much better. A popcorn mane and edible unicorn horn topper take it to the next level. Quite literally.

Unicorn Cookies

If you’re looking for the timelessness of classic sugar cookies mixed with the whimsical charm of unicorns, these baked beauties are for you. They’re little rainbow delights, cute enough to make your heart melt.

Unicorn Milkshake

Can you say, “pretty in purple?” As if this milkshake wasn’t sweet enough, it’s topped with cotton candy (AKA fairy floss) for an out-of-this-world, almost ambrosial finishing touch.

Unicorn Cake

Whether it’s your wedding, baby shower, or birthday, there’s no more whimsical way to celebrate a special occasion than with a unicorn cake.

Unicorn Ice Cream Sandwich

The combination of cotton candy ice cream, cookies, and sprinkles is nothing short of magical. Which begs the question: Do we have to eat dinner before dessert?

Unicorn Rice Krispie Treats

A nostalgic take on the unicorn food trend. Sprinkles and rainbow gummies take our childhood favorite into the 21st century—or more befittingly, some other fantastical realm.

Unicorn Cake Pops

Dainty bites of deliciousness. Yes, please! These red velvet cake pops with buttercream manes and gold horns are what dreams are made of.