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Sublime Desserts Featuring Edible Flowers

These petal-adorned confections are perfect for spring.

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From fashion to decor to dessert, nothing says spring like vibrant blooms. And it just so happens that there are plenty of deliciously edible petals—roses, peonies, lavender, and pansies (just to name a few). Whether candied, dried, or fresh, flowers are a sublimely seasonal way to elevate your confections. Keep scrolling for our favorite floral treats.

Sugared Elderflower Bundt Cake

This airy bundt cake—adorned with sugared gooseberries, red currants, blueberries, lavender, elderflower, and rose petals—is a delightful addition to any springtime celebration.

Color Blocked Chocolate Bark With Edible Flower Sprinkles

This color blocked chocolate bark is almost too pretty to eat. But the tasty triad (white chocolate, edible flowers, and sprinkles) is simply too delicious to resist.

Rosey Rocky Road

Plant-based foodies will love these rosey rocky road squares, made with raw cacao and cacao butter, rose water, dried cherries, and macadamia nuts.

Champagne & Flower Popsicles

Bursting with bubbles and edible blooms, these champagne and flower pops are an ultra-chic way to cool down as the weather heats up.

Ginger-Rose Shortbread

Talk about a crowd-pleaser! Zesty, floral, and oh so tasty, these ginger-rose shortbread cookies are the ultimate potluck dessert recipe.

White Chocolate-Lavender Fudge

This four-ingredient fudge (white chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, butter, and lavender) is simple to make—and tastes simply perfect. And did we mention it makes a sublime gift?

Almond Fairy Cakes With Candied Borage Flowers

Candied borage flowers add a touch of whimsy to these almond fairy cakes. For those who aren’t familiar with fairy cakes, they’re basically the daintier, lighter, spongier cousin of a cupcake.

Sugar Cookies With Edible Flowers

Sugar cookies are already irresistible. Add some petals, and you’ve got yourself a pretty perfect dessert—that’s totally party-ready.

Floral Donuts With Blood Orange & Lemon Ginger Glaze

These glazed donuts—topped with edible flowers—are a dreamy addition to any dessert table. Think: Easter and Mother’s Day brunch.