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It’s no secret the French know their desserts. They are the creators of the ever-popular macaron and the masters of sophisticated crème brûlée. But France has much more up its culinary sleeve that rivals even the classic confections you’ve come to love. Here, we’ve uncovered 10 new, tasty recipes that will be contenders for the next “IT” French dessert.

Calissons (Almond Cookies)

Using ground almonds, candied oranges, and royal icing, you can make this delightful French treat right at home. The soft texture and light flavor make it a great addition to your morning espresso.


It may look impressive, but creating these classic mendiants is extremely easy. All you need is melted chocolate, parchment paper, and the toppings of your choice. After you’ve mastered these, you will feel like a true chocolatier.

La Tarte Tropezienne

No need to hop on a flight to St. Tropez to try its signature dessert—you can accomplish this yourself. The soft brioche buns are topped with pearl sugar, and the inside is filled with crème madame and orange blossom syrup. Ç’est magnifique!

Chocolate Pots de Crème with Amaretto Cherries and Hazelnut

If you want a dessert that looks like it came from a French café, pots de crème is the way to go. This recipe calls for dark chocolate, cherries, and toasted hazelnuts. If that doesn’t make you drool, we don’t know what will.

Nougat Blanc with Pistachios and Almonds

If you’ve ever been to a French market, there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled upon this chewy and delicious nougat. The extra effort to make it your own is well worth it. To quote the recipe: “If your kitchen is a sticky mess by the end of this, you’ve probably done it right.”

Baba Au Rum

It may look like your average cake, but the flavors hidden inside is what sets this dessert apart. Using dark rum, sugar, and vanilla, a syrup is created that gets absorbed right into the cake itself. The strong, yet sweet flavors make a unique finale to any sophisticated dinner meal.

Cappuccino Bavarian Cream

Bavarian cream is a light, delectable pastry cream that can be eaten by itself, or used to fill puffs and cakes. This version uses espresso powder for the flavoring and crushed chocolate covered coffee beans for the garnish. Coffee lovers, rejoice!

Pink Pearl Apples Tarte Tatin

This dish is the French equivalent to our “upside-down cake” but of course much more chic. The perfectly caramelized apples are made using French brandy, and the crust is gluten-free. Rustic and beautiful, it’s everything you are looking for in your next party dessert.


Don’t toss those orange peels! Do as the French do, and candy them before dipping them in melted chocolate. It makes for a delicious after-meal snack, or you can place them in a pretty box for a unique, homemade gift.

Snow White Roll Cake (Buche de Noël)

Although normally a dessert you would find around the holidays in France, this traditional roll cake (or yule log) can be made any time of the year. This version features white sponge cake and white chocolate mousse filling topped with M&M’s. Yum!