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Just seeing the color red can stimulate the appetite, and it makes for a seriously vibrant meal. Adding the fiery hue to your next dish is as simple as spicing it up with chili flakes and curry powder or cooking with beets or roasted red peppers. The deep color also creates a statement dessert (think high-drama pavlova topped with raspberry compote, or red velvet molten cake with ganache center). Finish with a blood orange Negroni for a twist on the classic.

Hibiscus Jalapeno Pickled Vegetables

Pickled veggies make for a versatile ingredient that can complement a wide array of recipes! This batch is pickled in a sweet, hibiscus tea, which lends itself to that vibrant shade of red!

Hibiscus Cherry and Ginger Beer Ice Cream Floats We see your root beer float and raise you one deluxe drink creation that takes everything to another level.

Roasted Beet Hummus For a more colorful twist on the traditional dip, be sure to try this roasted beet hummus. It’s packed with vegetables and color and works perfectly as an appetizer or even a spread on sandwiches.

Easy Marinara Sauce There’s a reason this staple sauce is a classic: easy to make and equally delicious over pasta, it’s a great go-to dinner for any night of the week. It takes under an hour and puts store-bought sauces to shame.

The Italian Bramble

This non-alcoholic cocktail features a medley of berries, a splash of citrus, and fragrant sprigs of rosemary.

Strawberry Basil Compote Allow us to introduce your new favorite breakfast item. This compote— basically a dressed-up strawberry jam— goes on everything from oatmeal to pancakes to toast, and is guaranteed to up your brunch Instagram game.

White Chocolate, Raspberry, and Pomegranate Pavlova This pavlova is as beautiful as Beyoncé and almost as impressive. With a white chocolate mousse sandwiched between two light and airy meringues and topped with gorgeous red fruits, this dessert will leave your future dinner party guests in awe.

Spiced Shakshuka with Wild Rice This popular Middle Eastern dish is the spicy and flavorful answer to your weeknight dinner prayers. Everything is thrown together in a skillet and served over rice for the ultimate no-fuss meal.

Cranberry Apple Persimmon Sangria This drink blends the festive fruit of the holiday season with a traditional summer beverage to bring you the best of both worlds. Ridiculously easy to make, this crowd-pleaser will definitely be the perfect addition to your next get-together.

Red Velvet Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes with Chocolate Ganache Center Everything about this decadent dessert is perfect, from the rich chocolate ganache filling to the whipped cream topping. The red velvet is a fun play on more traditional chocolate lava cakes, and it makes this recipe just a little more special.

Beetroot, Raspberry and Vanilla Smoothie Bowl

This sweet and vitamin-packed breakfast bowl, is loaded with a medley of bold flavors, superfoods, and a healthy splash of citrus.

Cherry Linzers Based on the traditional Austrian torte and usually served around Christmas, these cookies are something you’ll want to make any time of the year. The sweet almond flavored dough cuts the cherries’ tartness to produce an all-around great cookie.

Blood Orange Negroni This citrusy cocktail is a spin-off of the sophisticated classic. Typically served as an aperitif in the summer, it brings the warm weather to you with a pop of color and refreshing orange flavor.