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If you’re anything like Team Domino, you spend a lot of time on your commute or a lazy Sundays listening to podcasts. There’s nothing like settling in for a long ride (or a few hours of hardcore

spring cleaning

) with a new, charming audio series to listen to. The personality of the host can make or break the recording, but we’ve got a few designers with a lot of gusto who’d absolutely crush the podcasting game. Check them out.

Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney—mother, muse, lover of all things green and bohemian-chic. We’re begging this inspiring artist and designer to start podcasting. Here’s hoping she’d share how to perfect layering rugs and throw pillows, how to run a successful enterprise as a creative-type, and how the heck she keeps all of those lush palms, ferns, and succulents alive!


Emily Henderson

What’s not to love about Emily Henderson’s infectious smile and bubbly personality? She honed her on-air skills on HGTV Design Star, so we know she’d really shine with a podcast. Emily, make sure to tackle topics like designing on a dime and what it’s like juggling a design firm, side projects, and your adorable family.

Photography by WSJ

Jonathan Adler

Just this summer, Domino had the opportunity to sit down at a round table with Jonathan Adler, and he had us giggling from the moment he stepped off the elevator. Jonathan’s been a guest on several podcasts, and we know he’d bring that wit and charm to his own. First thing on our list that we’d like him to discuss? How to build a design empire.


Michelle Nussbaumer

Dallas-based designer Michelle Nussbaumer has a serious love for rich patterns and color. We hope she’d gush about mixing and matching, designing a pet-friendly home, and travel tips for her favorite vacation spot—Switzerland. 

Photography by THE DEN

Roxy Te Owens

We’d love for Society Social founder Roxy Te Owens to begin podcasting. She’d have all-star tips on how to escape the corporate grind and launch your own company. What’s more, she’d teach us how to make an office atmosphere colorful, productive, and above all, fun.


Nate Berkus

Bring Nate Berkus back! If his former television show (RIP) and guest appearance on the podcast Farnoosh are any indication of his on-air personality, we’d love to see the designer launch a podcast. Our dream topics? How to balance color and texture, ways to integrate his high-key amazing Target collection in your space, and his adorable daughter, Poppy, of course.

Photography by LILLY BUNN

Lilly Bunn

We’re always crushing on New York-based designer Lilly Bunn’s portfolio… and her personal style! She’s got an affinity for tossing punchy patterns into unexpected, traditional spaces. Teach us your ways. And while you’re at it, what’s it like working with some of the best real-estate NYC has to offer?


Mark D. Sikes

We love Mark Sikes’s Instagram, so we know he’d have an equally entertaining podcast. Let’s hope he’d discuss his favorite Jackie O’ looks (he’s got big love for the former First Lady), what’s next for his fashion line, and, oh yeah, what it’s like designing a home (and store!) for Big Little Lies star Reese Witherspoon.