speaking the local language: roxy owens

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Meet New Yorker ROXY OWENS, founder and head designer of Society Social—and this month’s ‘Local Language’ shopping spotlight! If celebrating is at the top of your list of weekend (or weekday!) to-do’s, then allow us to introduce you to your new best friend. Roxy Owens is the darling of the entertaining decor scene, and has perfected the fine art of the bar cart with her line of original rolling glassware and decanter displays. When a brand’s signature style can be described as “fun,” you know you’re in for a toast-worthy shopping experience. Today, Roxy takes us on a virtual tour of her favorite places to browse and buy in her resident New York City. Moore Brothers Wine Company Gramercy/Flat Iron

It’s all in the details here! This delightful little wine shop sources their offerings mainly from small-farm growers and “families who have produced wine in their regions for multiple generations, and feel closely tied to their local cultures and personal heritage.” The entire shop is perfectly temperature controlled for optimum wine storage, and with each purchase, you receive a little print out describing the family whose vineyard the bottle comes from, wine notes and suggested pairings. There are affordable—yet interesting—options starting at just $19. Bottoms up!

Sunny’s FloristEast Village

Not often do you find a florist with a line around the block! Do not be mistaken, this is not ‘da club’ but a local gem of a florist run by a mother and son team. They always offers the best of the season and are known for their beautiful, yet inexpensive, not-your-average-Whole-Foods bouquets. Be the stand-out guest or thoughtful friend, or simply gift one to yourself!

Barbara Feinman MillineryEast Village

This is a classic millinery shop located in the heart of the East Village. The owner, Barbara, is welcoming and invites you to try on her unique creations, even if you’ve come in a boisterous gang of 10 girls, post-champagne brunch! My favorites are her over-the-top furry earmuffs. They are ridiculously fabulous and so warm. We bought it all—here’s proof!

Amarcord VintageSoho

This carefully curated shop offers designer, couture and often avant-garde vintage finds. Yes, please! It’s in Society Social’s neighborhood, so I love to pop in if I happen to walk by, and I almost always get into trouble. Be ready to treat yourself! Recent finds have included the most fluid and flowy 1970’s Missoni sun dress, a 1960’s Emilio Pucci headscarf befitting of a subject in a Slim Aaron’s photo and the most ridiculous caftan by an obscure Spanish designer.