Published on March 10, 2017

(It’s a hat!)

Not only is a hat a practical beauty solution—hide that third-day hair when you’re out of your favorite foaming dry shampoo—it will also protect you from the harsh sun. Double duty!

Need some hatting options?

Clyde Gaucho Hat w. Wide Brim and Drawstring in Black Angora

Want to paint the town red by channeling Georgia O’Keeffe? Here you are, my dear.

Noah Marion Quality Goods Side Dent Beaver Hat

Hats can also wrap you in the cloak of incognito chic. Where in the world are you, Carmen Sandiego? This one is perfect for that boho vibe. 

Études Midnight Hat Blue

Big fan of Yves Klein Blue? Found your hat. 

Lola Hats Horchata Hat

Instantly take your look to the beach—whether you’re in Comporta or channeling beach vibes while trekking through flea market jungles in Williamsburg.

Go mad, you hatter.