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It’s a well-known fact that colorful food is better, both for your health and your Instagram feed (much like this chocolate beet cake). With the color pink being dubbed as one of the biggest trends this spring, we figured it was time to start incorporating it on our plates as well. From sweet to savory, here are the 9, perfectly pink dishes we can’t get enough of this season!

Beetroot Tortellini

It can seem daunting to make your own pasta from scratch, but this recipe for tortellini stuffed with pear, rosemary, and goat cheese is as easy as it is delicious!

Watermelon Radish Salad

Need proof that salads don’t have to be boring? We present you with this gorgeous watermelon radish salad, dressed with a lemon chia seed vinaigrette. It’s basically edible art.

Strawberry Rosehip Frozen Yogurt

This creamy frozen treat puts store-bought froyo to shame. Ice cream maker not required.

Pink Grapefruit Margaritas with Chili Salt

Whip up these citrus-fresh cocktails for your next party and make like summer’s already here. The chili salt adds a little spice, balancing out the sweetness of the blend.

Pink Tahini Dressing

If you need motivation to keep on with your New Year’s resolution, this colorful take on tahini is a must. Pour it over any salad to instantly amp up the flavor.

Pink Deviled Eggs

Use the liquid derived from cooking beets to give hard-boiled eggs a much-needed pop of color. The result? A chic ombre effect with the ever-so-slightest hint of sweetness.

Pickled Slaw

Forget ketchup and mayo: this cabbage and radish slaw is going to be your new go-to condiment for virtually everything. Spread it on your sandwiches or serve it as a side dish in its own right.

Raspberry and Rosewater Popsicles

These popsicles are almost too beautiful to eat. To make them even more decadent, top them with some raspberry-flavored coconut cream.

Pink Peppercorn Macarons with Valrhona Chocolate Ganache

With a rich chocolate filling and gold-splatter topping, “luxurious” seems like the understatement of the century when it comes to these macarons. Impress your friends with these gorgeous treats (or keep them all for yourself- no judgement).