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, Chicago

Moody, sexy, erotic. It’s ceviche. With citrus and lemongrass “aroma.” This beauty is brought to you by one of the most creative restaurants in the business.



Telese, Italy

Like a Jackson Pollock painting, but with asparagus and “ink tuna mayonnaise.”

Dirt Candy

, New York City

Order the forager’s salad, and get a verdant wreath of greens (and pinks, and purples) at this NYC vegetarian hotspot helmed by vegetable genius, chef Amanda Cohen.

Le Cirque

, Las Vegas

When this lush, leafy bowl of chilled pea soup lands on your table, you have to decide: Slurp it up, or take it home to add to your terrarium collection?


, New York City

Slightly fancier than your Trader Joe’s cookie butter spread, this speculoos sablé with fig and coconut butter ice cream also features one of our favorite color combos.

167 Raw

, Charleston, SC

This tiny sliver of a seafood spot serves up incredibly fresh fare. Case in point: dayboat scallop crudo with blood orange ponzu sauce, trout roe, asparagus, and radish—as bright on the plate as it will be in your mouth.


, Philadelphia

Summer in an oyster shell. Rhubarb ice lends a pop of soft pink to a briny, warm-weather staple.

The French Laundry

, Yountville, CA

Put a bird on it. Duck foie gras and pigeon terrine with apricot marmalade and pistachios nest atop a playful plate at this world-famous destination in the heart of Napa Valley.


, Los Angeles

Chef Ari Taymor’s frozen foie gras “moon rocks” with smoked maple, coffee granola, and carrot looks like an art installation in a bowl.


, Charleston, SC

Meet the suckling pig Coppa di Testa. Has headcheese ever looked so lovely? No, no it hasn’t.

Eleven Madison Park

, New York City

New York City may be known for its cheesecake, but chef Daniel Humm’s version, with a precisely placed crown of berries and a perfect scoop of white currant sorbet, makes all the rest seem underwhelming.

Spoon and Stable

, Minneapolis, MN

This bright, beautiful beet tartine will make your avocado toast jealous.

Union Street Cafe

, London

Dessert or fascinator? This lavender mousse and blueberry gel, dotted with a bouquet of delicate buds, could be mistaken for something Princess Kate would wear on her head.

Cafe Boulud

, New York City

Pastry chef Orlando Soto creates works of modern 3D art—like this dessert with clean lines and spheres of sticky toffee pudding with kumquats—that happen to also taste exceptional.


, Seattle, WA

With geoduck (a misnomer, it’s actually a type of clam) and green strawberry, this barley porridge is rustic at its most refined.


, Chicago

Shrimp escabeche on a platter of coordinated dyed wool—inspired by Peruvian flavors and customs—make a thoughtfully presented rainbow of rich, vibrant colors and tastes.


, Amsterdam

How could you bear to crack open this delicately beautiful “glass” apple? Upon learning it’s made from blown sugar with an apple sorbet core, resting on a pastry of lemon verbena-marinated apple balls and salted caramel, you’ll find a way.

Kat + Theo

, New York City

No, it’s not the ubiquitous Coachella accessory. This crown of matcha, dark chocolate, and lemon balm is way more delicious. (And way less cliché.)

El Celler de Can Roca

, Girona, Spain

A vivid burst of color, seemingly the result of hurling a handful of blood orange and beetroot at a stark white plate, was actually achieved with meticulous, intense precision and a trusty set of tweezers.


, Las Vegas

Inspired by St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, this lemon meringue pie features perfect peaks and a sprinkling of gold and petals for a little extra sparkle.


, Nagano, Japan

Trout tartare is tucked under a flawless hemisphere of purple daikon radish. However long you have to wait for the chef to create this masterpiece, it’s worth it.

The Catbird Seat

, Nashville, TN

A humble bowl of risotto is transformed with sunflower, sprouted seeds, and a simple sprinkling of leaves and petals at this perpetually packed spot with an innovative tasting menu.

Chef’s Club by Food & Wine

, New York City

With a rotating roster of some of the world’s best chefs, there’s always something equal parts beautiful and delicious on the menu. Here, French chef Jean Sulpice (recipient of two Michelin stars) shares a sunny slow-cooked egg with crawfish and mountain herbs.

Fundamental LA,

Los Angeles

A blanket of yellow and red beets, purple endive, and green dill provide vibrant cover for simple salmon.


, Copenhagen, Denmark

If the Bachelor handed out one these roses—crafted from sliced rhubarb, kelp, and rose oil—he’d have a much better shot at finding true love.


, New York City

Grape “bubbles” and a coral-like crisp set against the backdrop of the soft green dish are reminiscent of the sea.

Vernick Food & Drink

, Philadelphia

Ingredients like pink rhubarb, green Serrano chiles, and luminescent yellow mustard oil come together like mixed media artwork in this consommé with dayboat scallop and chilled rhubarb.


, Melbourne, Australia

While this award-winning restaurant is known for inventive dishes using simple, regional ingredients, owner and chef Ben Shewry’s “potato cooked in the earth it was grown” stands out as one of the most beautiful examples. It’s carb loading for the sophisticated set.


, Boston

Crab, lemon, and radish are served on a dish inspired by Matisse’s cut-outs.

Michael Mina

, San Francisco

Timeless birthday party fare gets a modern makeover. With rhubarb sorbet and buttermilk cake, this is the fanciest cake and ice cream combo around.


, New York City

The Whitney Museum’s in-house eatery knows something about art. This pole bean salad is a colorful, expertly plated garden of earthly delights.



, Chicago

At this three Michelin-starred Chicago restaurant, the “Fauna” menu features a deeply-hued pink and fizzy pear-beet cider, making us want to track down the precise pantone color immediately.


steria Francescana

, Modena, Italy

This sleek spin on the traditional Italian dessert torta mimosa highlights another one of our favorite colors. “Yellow is Bello” comes from this year’s top spot in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and features meringue, yuzu, lemon cream, sponge cake, and a dusting of gold over the plate. Super casual.


, Copenhagen, Denmark

Sheets of pickled daikon cover salmon while a sprinkling of pepper—like an artist’s pencil point stippling—finishes off the plate.

Le Bernadin

, New York City

At Eric Ripert’s French restaurant in NYC, “The Fish is the Star of the Plate.” This seared langoustine-foie gras illustrates that point with a delicate study in contrast and negative space.

L’Oiseau Blanc

, Paris

French for “the white bird,” L’Oiseau Blanc was the name of an airplane that attempted the first non-stop transatlantic flight from Paris to New York. A nod to its namesake, dessert at this rooftop spot in Paris’s Peninsula Hotel resembles the nose of a plane with chocolate, berries, and two little hazelnut shortbread propellers.