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crudites with lemony tofu herb dip

A successful fall harvest translates into a crudite platter paired with a savory dipping sauce. Radishes and cucumbers are served alongside a tofu herb dip composed of a yogurt and garlic base.

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red salad with pickled beet vinaigrette

This visually stunning dish encompasses a slew of eclectic ingredients that can seamlessly translate from summer to fall. Featuring a vibrant mix of red and purple produce – beets, plums, berries, and even watermelon (!) – it’s dressed with a verjus and anise-based vinaigrette.

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pickled carrot and hummus sandwich

Consider this the elevated version of the classic hummus and carrots snack. Pickled matchstick carrots, red onions, and a red pepper and coriander spice mix complete this delicious recipe. Paired with hummus and crumbled feta, it’s almost too good to be true.

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arugula and prosciutto eggs benedict

Upgrade your standard brunch fare with a spicy twist. Garnished with cayenne pepper and served with an arugula and tomato blend, you’ll never think of Eggs Benedict the same way again.

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braised chicken legs with turnips and radishes

Braised chicken legs, served with a thyme rice and a medley of radishes and turnips were made to elevate your tired weeknight menu.

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balsamic roasted baby beetroot

This effortlessly perfect recipe features only a handful of ingredients including fresh baby beetroots roasted with a balsamic glaze.

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smoked paprika sweet potato soup

A dash of smoked paprika and sautéed shallots manage to accentuate the bold flavor of the sweet potato in this fall staple. Garnished with a blue cheese and pecan crumble, it’s a must-try!

Get the recipe on Naturally Ella.

beets with pecorino, pecans, and shishito peppers

Pair an assorted variety of beets (the more colors the better!) with a spicy sesame vinaigrette and freshly grated pecorino cheese to recreate this deliciously simple app!

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acorn squash and hazelnut frangipane galettes

Fall may have its signature pies – pumpkin, pecan, apple, to name a few – but we’re all for switching things up this season. Enter an acorn squash and hazelnut galette, featuring hints of sage, almonds, and many more classic fall flavors!

Get the recipe here.

spiced apple cider and sweet potato quinoa bowl

Healthy eating never looked this good. Loaded with the most flavorful ingredients of a fresh fall harvest, this indulgent salad is dressed with an apple cider dijon vinaigrette.

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blackened chicken legs

Herb-crusted chicken legs paired with a medley of beets and purple baby potatoes complete this fall favorite, perfect for a weeknight meal!

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hazelnut cheesecake tart

Pears and pomegranates elevate this decadent cheesecake tart, contributing a bold slew of classic flavors.

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pear and gorgonzola salad with cinnamon-glazed walnuts

Our favorite thing about the season? The array of unexpected recipes featuring sweet and savory ingredients. This refreshing blend comes with a 3-ingredient base topped with a brown sugar vinaigrette and glazed walnuts.

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roasted radishes and salad turnips

Radishes and pesto make for an ideal pairing, especially when it comes in the form of a no-fuss and no-frills approach to snacking. Here, a roasted blend of radishes and turnips are served with a side of pesto with pepitas, garlic, and a zest of lemon.

Get the recipe on Brooklyn Supper.

spiced butternut bread

Loaded with a delicious blend of exotic spices, this butternut bread is best when served with a hearty slather of homemade halva spread. 

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garlic sesame broccoli rabe with panko crusted chicken

It’s healthy if it comes with a side of broccoli right? Panko-crusted chicken is set on a bed of a garlic sesame broccoli rabe with a sesame, honey, and tahini dressing.

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sprouts, three ways

Packed with nutrients and protein, sprouts are a great addition to any dish. Make your own and try them out in the form of a sprouted salad, a savory sunflower aioli toast, or with brown rice and chickpeas with a dill and maple dijon dressing!

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broccoli soup with ginger and lemon

Featuring a coconut milk and ginger base, think of this as the healthier alternative to the classic broccoli and cheese soup.

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butternut squash, apple, and onion galette

Loaded with blue cheese and a mix of fresh herbs, this savory galette manages to seamlessly incorporate the best flavors of fall into one mouthwatering dish.

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roasted brussels sprouts, three ways

We love the versatility of brussels sprouts – these classic fall veggies can be prepared in a multitude of ways with distinct flavor pairings. Here, brussels sprouts come cripsy, garlic-parmesan flavored, and with a spicy kick!

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farro and asparagus salad with sesame-miso dressing

When your go-to lunch salad feels tired and overdone, a refresh is in order. This farro-based mix features shredded red cabbage, radishes, and asparagus, all garnished with a garlic miso dressing.

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