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Each season, we look forward to adding the finishing touches to every room in our home. Bright colors and light finishes in the spring, warm colors and textures in the fall, and the holidays? Let’s just say we opt for a bit more than a “finishing touch”. We go all in. This year, join us in impressing holiday guests with more than just your signature dishes. Browse our favorite decor ideas from our friends at At Home for a happier holiday season.

Because More Is Most Merrier At The Holidays

We’re all for entertaining friends and family, but there’s something about the holidays that makes company feel even more welcome. For that reason, we keep a fully stocked (and styled!) bar cart on hand at all times.

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Snow-Capped Everything Is Charming–Admit it

What is it about adding snow to the tops of things that makes them seem more cheerful? It’s almost like covering everything in a layer of frosting. The same holds true of holiday decor, when (at least for now) we don’t mind letting it snow.

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Because We Like Pretty Lights, Okay? 

When else is it perfectly excusable to make your house sparkle this much?? We love a good industrial chandelier as much as the next person, but when it comes to the holidays, more is most certainly more.

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The Holidays Are Adaptable

It’s okay to create holiday spirit even when the weather isn’t cooperating. Those of us in warmer climates never have to be left out of the fun, we just need to make few modifications, that’s all.

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Beverages Tend To Come With Accessories

The best drinkable treats are arguably holiday themed. Hot cocoa (with marshmallows and candy canes please!) is welcome at all times of day, and is without a doubt the most fun (and scrumptious) way to warm up.

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There’s Joy In The Details

Ornaments, strings of lights, and family treasures we add around the house during the holiday season create an upbeat mood no matter what. There’s no reason to hold back on cheer, is there? Happy Holidays, indeed!

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It’s Always Comfier At The Holidays

Pillows are the easiest, and certainly most comfortable, way to take your home from everyday decor to holiday fun. Try not to miss the extra coziness too much after New Years.

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It’s The One Time Of Year Everyone Knows Which House Is Yours

Make a left on Elm Street and stop when you get to the giant, inflatable Santa. See how easy that is? Guests will never get lost on their way to holiday gatherings at your home. We’re guessing the UPS guy will remember you, too.

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Because Decorating The House Is Actually A Group Activity

Family bonding in an unexpected way, perhaps? Lighting up your home and adorning your porch with every manner of decor and illumination is certain to make a memory or two, don’t you think?

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