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Some decor crimes are more offensive than others, but the most damaging ones are the sets designed for film and television that we (voluntarily) watch over, and over, and over again. So we collected decor catastrophes from a few of our favorite movies and shows to set an example for what you shouldn’t do in your home… Starting with this granny square throw draped over the sofa in countless television shows over the years, including Roseanne, Mad Men, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and seen here on the set of Jane the Virgin. We love the idea of adding a throw to your sofa for a seasonal update, but make sure the throw itself fits with the rest of your decor!

an out-of-place statement wall

In one episode of Sex and the City, Carrie famously told Big, “Because, dear friend, you and I are like that red wall. It’s a good idea in theory, but somehow it doesn’t quite work.” We’re all for bold statement walls, whether you opt for an unexpected paint shade or patterned wallpaper, but before you commit, make sure it’s right for you and your space.

supplemental, fluffy bathroom decor

The scene when Andie Anderson adorns new beau Benjamin Barry’s bachelor pad in “girly” accessories is truly unforgettable. And though we love the scene in the movie, we don’t love the decor Andie actually brings into Ben’s home—especially the toilet accents. (Pst, these minimalist bathrooms are way better.)

not updating your kitchen cabinets

Costly redesigns are a drag, but so are outdated kitchens. The Full House kitchen comes to mind as one that we hope has been rethought since the show’s end! Right now, we’re finding inspiration in these minimalist kitchen designs.

curtains that are the wrong length

The home of Kimmy’s employer in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is impeccably styled, except for the too long curtains in the front room. Curtains that are too long or too short visually shrink walls, which is something we all want to avoid.

not displaying your beautiful treasures

Who could forget the scene in Mean Girls when Cady is busted by her mom for hiding fertility vases before throwing a party. Open shelving is trending for a reason. Store meaningful objects and beautiful ceramics out in the open, not hidden away in cabinets.

carpeted stairs

Wall-to-wall carpeting had it’s moment. This includes carpeted stairs, that made a choice appearance during Jimmy Fallon’s sketch “Ew!”. Ew is right, Jimmy.

opting for bordered wallpaper

We love wallpaper—the wacky, moody, minimalist, and watercolor—but not with a border. Instead, look to sophisticated crown molding to add extra visual interest.

keeping artwork in old frames

Framing trends come and go (right now we’re loving white-on-white!), but your favorite works of art don’t deserve to stay trapped in frames that don’t match the aesthetic of your room or the quality of the art. This scene from Saturday Night Live skit “The Californians” is a prime example of such a mistake.

sad office decor

We get it, there’s not much to work with at most offices—especially when you’re crammed into cubicles. Instead of settling for the old desk and rolling black chair you’re given (like Liz Lemon from 30 Rock), make whatever space you’re given your own. Bring a throw for the back of your chair, frame colorful prints and photos that bring you joy, and above all, stay organized.

too many competing moments

Decor should all come together to make your space cohesive. And don’t get us wrong, we love mixing decor styles throughout homes and individual rooms, but Jamm’s room in Parks and Recreation is just too much. A cluttered space with competing moments (the gong, the bright red sofa—and tiny figurines on the mantle) creates a stressful environment.

not knowing when to give up your hand-me-down furniture

Seth Cohen’s bedroom furniture is mismatched, just unfortunately not in the cool, trendy way we love now. He had the right idea ditching the traditional furniture set, but teenage Seth grew out of this furniture in middle school and was in need of a serious refresh.

(Here are 22 brilliant buys to replace your own hand-me-downs!)

go overboard with a theme

Creating an aesthetic and vibe for any room or home is a fun way to cultivate a certain atmosphere in your home, but be wary of taking it one step too far, like you see here in an episode of Hannah Montana.

choosing a short term color palette

While this room is so Shoshanna, we do not recommend choosing a color palette that you might not like in a year—or even a month’s time. If you’ve loved pink your whole life and don’t foresee that changing, buy the pink curtains! If not, you might want to put some more thought into the hues you’ll be surrounding yourself with.

(Looking for color inspiration? We have a Pinterest board for that.)

burying your actual decor in a mess

No matter how beautiful your decor is, nobody will be able to see it if your space is constantly a mess! In other words, do the opposite of one of our favorite Grey’s Anatomy stars, Cristina Yang, and keep it clean.