if your friends hate this wallpaper, we’ll defend you

the more eccentric the print, the better.

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In a minimalism-dominated climate, wallpaper is making a surprise, slow climb back to the top. Now, if you’re going to rebel against clean, white walls, you might as well choose a design that really stands out, right? We rounded up some of the weirdest, wackiest wallpaper we could find in the spirit of decorating to the beat of your own drum.

life of lemons removable wallpaper

Create a Beyoncé-inspired space with this sophisticated, lemon-printed wallpaper. We see this working as an accent wall in a country kitchen with worn, white cabinets.

dinner and drinks removable wallpaper

Avocados, white wine, whisky, and random fruit and nuts adorn this quirky wallpaper. It’s so wrong, but SO right.

party animal wallpaper

Look closely and you’ll see this eccentric mix of animals are actually partying. This feels totally appropriate for a home bar backsplash.

yellow pineapple wallpaper

Pineapples are kind of having a moment, so why not add them to your walls in the form of gold-accented wallpaper?

city toile in ebony

Updated toile prints are also having a moment in the sun. We’re especially loving this city-inspired design.

brick-by-brick wallpaper

Who needs a real exposed brick wall anyway? When a faux brick accent wall is at the top of your must-have list, wallpaper might just have to do in some instances. (It’s also available in white-painted!)

the world is your oyster

This oyster and lemon wallpaper is perfect for a summer beach home, because why limit oysters to happy hour when you can also have them on your walls? Pssst! A few matching accent pieces below, too!

narissa butterfly wallpaper

Don’t bother buying a framing a million butterflies, simply purchase this wallpaper for an instant

gallery wall

The same goes for watermelon-printed paper. How fun would an accent wall of watermelon be?

leaping bunnies

The cutest little bunnies ever, printed on a gray, pink, or blue backdrop, are perfect for a nursery or child’s room… But we wouldn’t judge you for purchasing just for yourself.

whale migration wallpaper

This serene wallpaper’s metallic waves and not-so subtle inclusion of whales is sure to make any sea lover’s day.

sesame seed buns removable wallpaper

If you want a million mini hamburgers on your walls, who are we to judge?

jungle vines wallpaper

Pay homage to your favorite monkeys in the jungle with this modern design.

velvet bananas removable wallpaper

For that room where everything always feels bananas.

taxis wallpaper

Set to a baby blue, lime green, or white, this taxi cab wallpaper is a kitschy way to add a bit of New York City to your home, no matter where in the world you’re located.

don’t stop to smell the roses removable wallpaper

Weird? Yes. Wonderful? Also yes. (For the record, we’re always for stopping to smell the roses.)

pucker up wallpaper

Because maybe you really love lipstick that much.

Alyssa Clough


Alyssa is a Brooklyn-based maximalist and vintage addict who is always on the hunt for something—a new piece of collage art, more plant babies, yet another ceramic vessel, you get the picture. Obsessions include bold accent walls, living a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle, and supporting female artists and makers. Find her on Instagram ignoring her phone’s screen time alerts.