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What’s the first thought that comes to mind when someone says “wallpaper”? If it’s scary, permanent, and statement-making, you’re not alone. But newsflash: Wallpaper doesn’t have to be any of those three things—and can easily work into a minimalist or modern aesthetic. It also doesn’t have to occupy every wall in a room, if your minimalist spidey senses are tingling. Accent walls can pull a room together without being imposing, or adding chaos to a clean space. We rounded up 27 of our favorite ways to work with minimalistic wallpaper, all you have to decide is where they’ll live.

This blush, geometric watercolor paper is by fan fave Flat Vernacular. It’s a bit bolder than painting a coat of pink on your walls, but isn’t it a bit more fun, too?

Minimal doesn’t have to mean you have to stick to a black and white, monochrome color scheme. A good way to balance pops of color with your minimalistic decor is to use a neutral wallpaper, like these gray palms.

We love how the multiple mini prints here blend nicely, but also stand out against one another.

At second glance, you should be able to catch the pattern of this blush wallpaper. It provides just the right amount of detail to this minimalist, black and white living room.

The owners of this home must favor barely there printed wallpaper! The kitchen of the living room you just saw features the faintest

striped walls


We could stare at this Eskayel wallpaper all day. It’s not only stunning, but also intricate and soothing.

We simply love this metallic printed wallpaper from Anthropologie. It looks hand drawn and sophisticated while still managing to function as a neutral accessory in any room.

Pops of color can be nice in a super simple room. We’re huge fans of this bird print (especially this entryway!).

It’s a win-win when your printed wallpaper also adds subtle texture to your walls.

This large floral print does make a bit of a statement, but when paired with an all-white home, it brings in pleasant pops of color that can’t not bring a smile to your face.

This La Maison Pierre Frey Champs-Elysées wallpaper is meant to mimic the warm colors of animals and nature, but it looks more like glitter to us! Either way, the tiny print works well against metallic and solid colored decor.

We are obsessed with marble! Add it to your walls without making a lifetime investment with wallpaper by Clever Spaces. (Pst, it’s sold in rose, too!)

White wallpaper that also looks 3-dimensional? Front designed an entire line for Eco. This leaf print injects the perfect amount of excitement to this otherwise minimal space.

Yep, we have black marble, too. This moody wallpaper is the ideal backdrop to any white furniture and metallic decor.

More 3D. If you can’t bear to part with your white walls, consider this low key print.

Marble walls can easily function as statement walls, even though they’re not shocking or brightly-colored.

Like we said before, bold black walls pair well with metallic accents, wood and white furniture. This smaller pattern is way more exciting than just a black wall, but doesn’t require any additional commitment.

Are you sensing a theme here? Faintly printed wallpapers in neutral colors are made for those who favor a minimalist design aesthetic but want to add a bit more something, something to their walls.

This Eskayel wallpaper almost looks like shadows from plants and florals, making it a natural choice to partner with this white-

painted brick wall


Adding watercolor to your walls is way more exciting than sticking to plain old gray.

Neutral wallpapers add so much to monochrome nurseries! We’re huge fans of this star print.

This Cross Grain Wallpaper from Anthropologie reminds us of the natural layers of the Earth in a more neutral, pretty way.

You can do just about anything with wallpaper, including impersonating a painted wood wall.

Ombre might seem daunting at first, but when done in a delicate hue, for instance a pink gradient, it can feel soft and subtle, adding just the right amount of mood to a room. This wallpaper, named “Petal” (so cute), is available from Calico.

Any opportunity we have to add marble-esque touches to our space (without the cost of actual marble), we’re on board. This print is perfect for a kitchen, but we could see it working wonders in a bathroom, too. It even has entryway accent wall potential…

This subtly sliced, repeating pink print isn’t too bold, or too striking, but still adds interest and depth to a room. Available via Feldspar, this paper is washable, which is kind of amazing if you’re considering it for a kid’s room.

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