Photography by SEAN LITCHFIELD / CHANGO & CO. Photo by Sara Tramp for Emily Henderson Design

Playroom of the year, no contest. And these decals (they count, ok), took basic white walls and made a room striking.

Photography by SEAN LITCHFIELD / CHANGO & CO. Courtesy of Lilla Norr

Also from this 2015 favorite, this dining room shows us exactly how to select a themed wallpaper without it resulting in a themed room.

Photography by HEATHER TALBERT

A beautifully elegant entryway that gives depth to the space while still providing a neutral enough canvas to let a velvet green bench take the lead.

Photography by Melanie Johnson Photography

There are no words, really. This Kelly Wearstler print stopped us in our tracks this year. Our bedroom goals were never the same.

Photography by Erik Grammer

We couldn’t pick a favorite among the wallpaper offerings in this Silverlake home.

Photography by Erik Grammer

Yes, we want this in our homes, too. Your craving is normal.

Photography by Erik Grammer

See what we mean?

Photography by Carmel and Robert Brantley

This Miami condo makes great use of a print that’s just whimsical enough.


Another house with multiple great moments, this Brooklyn brownstone stood out among the rest.


Another stunner from Brooklyn.

Photography by LINDSEY ORTON Photo by andie diemer; Large Angel Wing Begonia from Surry Nursery; Rex Begonias from Foliage Garden, NYC; Planters from Planters Resource, NYC

The home that made us love wallpaper on the ceiling.


The metallic accents in this bathroom pair perfectly with a print that’s just shy of eye trickery.

Photography by AMY BARTLAM photography by belle morizio

A graphic moment that will stay with us well into 2016.