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The smaller areas of a home (hallways, we’re looking at you) tend to get overlooked when it comes to the decor. A well-styled hallway makes the flow of a home more cohesive, and the easiest way to instantly amp up your interior design game is by playing with a little wallpaper. Here are the prints and patterns currently inspiring us.

We love the subtle pattern in this print and the way it complements the patterned floor. To unify your space, pick a color that you can incorporate into your entry’s accent pieces, such as these gorgeous blue-and-white printed vases.

Zanzibar Trellis Wallpaper- Schumacher

If your hallways are geared less towards form and more on function, spice up the drab area with a bold print on the walls. Here, minimalist flooring and a curated mix of accent pieces seamlessly blend in with the leafy green design.

Secret Garden Wallpaper- Cole & Sons

For a modern finish, opt for a wallpaper in a geometric pattern. Keep the colors monochrome and decorate the hall with similarly-styled pieces to keep the flow consistent.

Tapestry Wallpaper- Cavern Home

We love how this wallpaper incorporates the colors of the door and baseboard. Add plants in to reflect the leaves on the print and opt for stone floors for an earthy and natural vibe.

Adam’s Eden Wallpaper- Lewis & Wood

Short on space? Here’s a decorating trick to instantly make your hallway seem taller (and therefore more spacious) – opt for wallpaper that comes with vertical stripes to visually heighten the room. This optical illusion does wonders for opening up a space.

Glitterati Black and White Wallpaper- Graham & Brown

No windows, no problem: brighten up your space with a cheery, yellow print for an instant mood-booster. To keep the emphasis on the vibrant print, this hallway neatly conceals all potential in chic storage bins and coordinates the accent pieces to the yellow wall.

Golden Lily Wallpaper- Morris & Co.

Your best bet in livening up a hallway is going for a bright color. When using a fun print like the one pictured here, you can either style it with simple accessories in neutral shades or go all out and bring in an alternate vibrant palette.

It may be a print, but the cloud motif in this wallpaper is so subtle it can basically be considered a neutral. Make your home a more relaxed environment by choosing calming prints in soft shades. The simplicity of allowing the print to stand alone is so effortlessly chic.

Novelette Wallpaper- Cole & Sons