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Move over, cobwebs and jack-o’-lanterns: It’s holiday wreath season. Gone are the days when evergreen–and–pine cone rings dotted every door. This year seemingly any material goes, according to CB2’s holiday catalog, from feathers to faux antlers to Instagram-favorite pampas grass. 

Holiday Decor photo
Faux Pampas Wreath, CB2 ($80)

The latter, usually found in arid climates but available all over the Internet these days, is often used as a table centerpiece or in a vase arrangement; you’ve also probably spotted it in wedding florals. But a wreath made solely from the fluffy plumes, like CB2’s full, textured taupe-hued offering, is a brand-new take on the trend. Hang it on your front door, frame it within the molding on a wall (if you have it), or even place it on a windowpane (all you need is an adhesive hook). 

CB2’s pick is just the beginning; we gathered other dried options to pepper into your space. If you’re pro pampas but are hoping for something a bit more budget-friendly, Etsy offers door decor for nearly half the price, and if you want something sparser, go for a half-hoop with notes of wheat and bunny tails. Alternatively, choose a more textural proso millet and wheat wreath from Home Depot or West Elm’s tumbleweed, wheat, and lavender design for a hit of color beyond red and green.  

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