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You’ve picked out your tree, dotted your space with candles and ornaments, and put out the odd nutcracker, but still you feel like your space could use a little something more. Or maybe you’re the total opposite and behind on that whole holiday decorating thing. Never fear: The solution lies in a quick trip to Trader Joe’s (where, yes, while you’re at it, you can also stock up on Unexpected Cheddar and chocolate gnocchi). The store’s dried orange slices, located amid the nuts and other dried fruits, are great for sprucing up your already-festive home even further. And they’re edible!

A thinly cut orange is basically nature’s version of a miniature stained-glass window—which is why it looks so right nestled amid pine branches and string lights. Just pick up a bag (or a few), and give your winter decor a citrusy twist in these brilliant ways. 

As a Garland

All you need is a needle and some thread to sew a bunch of orange slices together. Then drape them over your railings, on your mantel, or anywhere else where evergreens simply aren’t enough.

On a Wreath

Why not DIY your own door hanging? Buy a plain wreath and add the orange slices with ornament hooks. Finish with a ribbon in the color of your choice.

On Presents

The easiest way to spruce up plain brown paper or newspaper-wrapped gifts? Add a splash of orange to your twine! 

On a Cheese Platter

No holiday party is complete without an ample cheese board, right?. A smattering of dried oranges will make any arrangement look even fancier—and they’ll also be a delicious complement to all that dairy.

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